Wednesday, March 9, 2011

can't get enough of this little lady!

Man alive, this little girl is all over the place! Between raiding the bathroom and trying to play in the toilet, emptying all the kitchen cabinets, pushing any button on anything electronic within her reach, darting out the door if left slightly open, climbing onto the table, and sneaking up the stairs, we are certainly worn out by the end of the day! And we have two other kids AND a house full of daycare kids everyday too! Zoe is at that age (almost 18 months) where she is into EVERYthing and curious about anything. She stays occupied with an activity for about 3 seconds. Basically, we can't really take our eyes off of her! We joke about how easier life will be when we're not constantly tracking her down and figuring out what she's getting into. But I dearly love this age too. As crazy active as she is, she's also a great cuddler and adorable chit-chatter. She hasn't reached those terrible two's, so she's not really defiant.....yet.

Chase down these little pig tails and jeggings??? You bet. Zoe loves being chased and she ALWAYS runs straight to this corner in our family room. She thinks she is so darn sneaky when she hides next to the couch while we say "I'm gonna get you!", pretend like we're roaring, and act like we're trying to tickle those chubs.

And then she makes her way to the couch, which she thinks is her own personal playground.

She thinks it is super funny to rip off her socks right after we put them on her tootsies.

And she wakes up with the most awesome bed head everyday. Most days I just leave the crazy hair as-is because I can't get over how stinkin' cute it is.

She is literally repeating EVERYTHING we say, which is just so much fun. She has quite a large vocabulary for a 17 month old. She gets that from Daddy. Neither of them stop talking....

Zoe loves taking a "baf" and spends most of bath time dumping water on her own head. She has yet to figure out she can dump that water out of the tub, like her big brother and sister seem to enjoy doing.

She isn't really afraid of much! She loves water, loud noises (she thinks the vacuum is hilarious) and when we jump out and "scare" her. But she isn't a fan of strangers....or the doctor, or even going to the toddler room for church.

She likes emptying all the kitchen cabinets. Over and over again.

This girl LOVES her some books.

And dancing. She can seriously shake her little rump. Her favorite is anything by Dan Zanes or this one particular Sesame Street song sung by

And did you know that one tiny little M&M can make this big mess?

She is not really a fan of the snow. In fact when she looks at snow she says "NOOOOO!" She gets that from me. But if we let her loose outside, she makes a run for it. She is going to love playing outside this summer!

But today? Well, today she's not feeling so well. She has a fever along with a cold and is slightly crabby and not content. I finally got her to take a nap with her favorite snugglers, her pink and white speckled frog and her green bunny blanket....both of which stay in her crib and she only snuggles with them when she's sleeping. Hopefully a good nap will help her feel better!

Love my little Zoe girl!

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April said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post on Zoe. Super cute. You've captured her little personhood well. :)