Friday, March 4, 2011

photo cards

I loooove making handmade cards. Love it. I love coming up with a design, gathering and cutting all my materials, and mass producing a big batch of cards. Its my creative therapy.

But life is busy. And when the moon and stars are aligned just right and it works out that my free time coincides with my creative juices, then I would much rather be working on a different crafty project than mass producing handmade cards. That is just how it is.....

However a few years ago I learned how to make my own digital photo cards. This technique combines my photography with my digi scrappin' skills. Neither of those skills are stellar, but I do enjoy photography and I know a little about Photoshop! Making photo cards is a huge time saver for me! All you do is take your photos, edit them, add a little text to the photo in Photoshop, print, and done! Becky Higgins does an excellent job of explaining these steps further on her blog.

Here are some examples of a few photo invitations I've done and Zoe's birth announcement.

For Jack's 7th birthday party in a few weeks. I added a digital photo overly in addition to the text in this one.

Macy's 3rd birthday party invitation. I think the hardest part of making digital photo cards is picking out the fonts. I think this handwriting font looks pretty similar to my own handwriting, which is why I downloaded it. I use it often!

Zoe's 1st birthday party invitation. I added some dingbat flowers to this one.

And Zoe's birth announcement.
Fun. Easy. Cute. And super quick!


Adrienne said...

very cute. i have made photo cards before at like photo card sites but never made them myself. what a good idea, so much more flexibility and freedom!

Louzar said...

I LOVE those cards! i’ve yet to get one.. but i would prob make it of for mothers day. do you have samples? :) mothers day's fast approaching :D