Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Jack had his first t-ball game tonight...and it was SO MUCH FUN to watch! He had a blast and did quite well! He's making friends with his teammates and seems to understand how to play the game, which is awesome! He had a few practices before thier first game and he really liked going to them. Tonight he got to hit the ball 3 times and each time was a completely different experience. This video is hilarious.....first of all, he's trying to get the ump to look back at Macy climbing on a chair...then he hits the ball the wrong way...then he smacks the tee with his bat...a few swings and misses...and then finally at some point he does hit it, decides to finally make his way down to 1st base, and immediately throws off his helmet when he gets there. You just never know what kids are going to do in t-ball. Very fun and entertaining to watch, that's for sure!

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