Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my little graduate...

We've had a whirlwind of activity around here the past few weeks, and I think I am just now able to sit back and breathe! Jack has been one busy little bee lately. First of all, his last day of preschool was June 2nd. Yep, he's on his way to kindergarden now. =) He had a Field Day at his school and he LOVED every second of that! Then he had an official little graduation ceremony as well. He's had numerous t-ball games the past few weeks and he really seems to like it! He listens to his coach really well and participates in the game as much as he can. It is really quite fun to watch him play.

Getting ready to go to the last day of school with his friend, Caitlyn:

Macy has had a rather uncharacteristic month. She has always been an incredibly laid-back and "easy" child. For over the past month, she has had a really hard time falling asleep and therefore has been extrememly sleep-deprived! She eventually created a little habit for herself where she would start screaming and crying on her way to her crib. Then she would cry/scream for up to 2 hours throughout her nap, and it was taking her a couple of hours to fall asleep at night and she was also waking up multiple times throughout the night and would cry and scream for hours. This is NOT normal for her! She was so tired all the time. She would randomly fall asleep all the time. She fell asleep on her plate at the table a few times, she would sleep anytime we got in the car, she would fall asleep in her swing on the swingset or just on the couch or floor at various times throughout the day. Again, NOT normal for Macy! Finally -FINALLY- we called the doctor. We think that what happened was that she had an ear infection about a month ago (ear infections can often cause pain in kids' ears when they lay down), and then she just created a little habit of being scared to sleep. We had tried everything we could think of to help her sleep....from holding her to giving her a pillow to putting a few books in her bed, etc...but nothing was working! Anyway, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic to finish getting rid of the ear infection and we were instructed to give her a few other medicines as well. Today is the 6th day on the antibiotic and we are now in the process of helping her figure out her sleep schedule again. We took some things out of her crib and turned on the AC before she went to bed (I normally don't like to turn on the AC until it is REALLY hot, so this was a stretch for me!) to make her room more comfortable, and she has slept for 12 hours straight for two nights in a row! And, the best part is that yesterday she took a 2.5 hour nap all on her own with NO crying beforehand! It thrills me to no end that she is getting her normal sleep again and my little munchkin is feeling better!

Jackson has been extremely sweet and an amazing big brother through this past month of Macy's sleep issues. He regularly asks her if her ears hurt and if he can do anything for her. If she is crabby he'll go through a round of questions trying to figure out what's wrong ("Macy, do you want a puzzle? No? Do you want something to drink? No? Do you want me to give you a kiss? No? Do you want me to get you a toy?") and none of the questions really relate to each other, but he's really trying to help her out! It is such a sweet thing to watch. He'll then report to me the questions he's asked her and what he thinks the problem is (which is usually not anything close to any of the questions that he the other day he came to the conclusion that she had a little mark on her shoulder and that was why she was, what?) He has not complained about her being crabby or even about all the crying she's been doing. He just goes with the flow and seems to understand that this is a little phase for her. Last night he spent the night at my mom's house and he just called this morning to "check in" and see if Macy slept through the night. How adorable is that? He is quite the caring young man!

Here is a cute little photo of Jack helping Macy walk across a bridge. He is always looking out for her! On this particular day at the playground we had been there for a while before a large group of boys about 10 years old or so, came to the playground. They were being pretty rough and wild and Jack said to me "Mom, those boys are being crazy over there, and I do NOT want them to hurt Macy, so we're going to go to the other playground now." And he led Macy over to the little kid section of the playground where she would be safe. Seriously, how adorable is that? I just pray that this behavior continues for many years!

Have a great day!

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