Thursday, April 9, 2009

oh, happy day!

This week Thursday=Friday. (Tomorrow is Good Friday and we're closed.) Three day weekends are always good!

So, life in the Beers house has been quite fun these past two weeks! Some highlights:

First off, Jack officially turned 5 on 3/23. It was a super fun day all around! We got to have cookies for snack time and we let him skip his rest time that day so he could go run errands with me (he still thinks this is fun…) and of course we picked up a Sonic beverage on the way home. He did, of course, got to open a few gifts on his actual birthday…a book from us, a t-ball bat and glove from Grandpa, and the Wall-E DVD from Grandma. Then, for dinner he decided that he wanted to go to Red Robin because they sing “Happy Birthday” to you, and he loves getting attention from strangers! So, we did that. Turns out, it was freakin’ HILARIOUS! The servers asked him to stand on his chair, and he immediately made a mean face and acted like he was miserable and unhappy about being put through such torture. Then, right as the song was over, he shouted “Just kidding! I loved it!”. He had us all laughing so hard, including the servers and people at the surrounding tables. He was just pretending to not like the song, he said. Who does that at age 5? Seriously?? After Red Robin, we stopped at Toys R Us, Jack’s favorite place in the universe, and he got to pick out a small toy with his $3 gift card that Geoffrey the Giraffe (the Toys R Us mascot) sent him.

Since his bday landed on a Monday, and he only goes to school on Tues/Thurs, his teachers asked us to bring in a treat on the Tuesday after his birthday and we could come visit during snack time. So, Macy and I headed over to his school and had an awesome time watching him interact with his peers! He took homemade cookies for his treat. Macy even got to play in the Imaginarium with Jack and his class for a few minutes before Jack handed out his treat.

Fast forward a week….and we had another bday party for the birthday boy! This time, we were celebrating with our families. We waited until this past weekend to do this birthday party because Matt’s sister, Michele, was going to be in town this week along with her two daughters. It was another great afternoon!

I love the anticipation in his face as he’s looking at his candles:

Other recent happenings…
Macy can officially climb up the swing set ladder all by herself. She loves doing this and I’m glad she can do it by herself! She loves going down the big slide =) Macy has had a recent interest in sitting on the toilet to go potty. We’re not necessarily pushing potty training quite yet, but she actually asks to sit on the toilet a couple of times a day, so we’re just doing that for now.

Macy licked her first cake beater the other day. Whenever we bake something yummy, I always try to get her to lick the spoon or beater after everything has been mixed, and she always says “NO!” and won’t even come close to tasting the yummy goodness. Apparently she thinks I’m trying to get her to eat something gross. Anyway, she finally decided that maybe I actually am offering her something good! She grabbed the beater with her chubby little hand, and started licking away! She said “YUMMY!” and licked it super clean.

I’ve been feeling baby #3 move for the past couple of weeks, which is awesome! We have an ultrasound scheduled for May 1st and we should hopefully be able to feel the baby move at that time. Right now I am 16 weeks pregnant and feeling just fine!

The weather was starting to act like Spring for a couple of weeks there, until earlier this week when it actually snowed for a couple of days. The temperature is supposed to stay in the 40s and 50s all week. If we’re lucky, it MIGHT get to 55 on Easter. Thanks, Mother Nature. Before this nasty cold weather snuck back in and reminded us that northern Indiana is just not a happy place for warm weather, we were really enjoying getting back outside and having some fun! We even had the hammock set up and everything…until this happened:

Yes, I fell out of the hammock. TWICE. After the second time I fell out, I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even get up! And, this is of course when Matt happened to have a camera.

Happier hammock times...

Today is Matt's mom's 60th bday! Happy Birthday, Ellena! We're looking forward to celebrating Easter this weekend with both of our families. Happy Easter!

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