Tuesday, April 14, 2009

cutest l'il pony tail....

Macy wore her first pony tail the other day! I'd say she's quite adorable with the little pony tail right on top of her head. She's never really had much hair and I'm just dying to get to play with it when it gets a little longer!

Enjoying a little bathtime smootch....

Easter, Easter, Easter. I wish that commercialism for Easter was as big of a deal as it is for Christmas. Sooooo much emphasis is placed on Christmas in our society. That was just the day Christ was born! Exciting, yes, but Easter is so much more important. Easter is the day Christ was resurrected, brought back to life to save us from our sins! How glorious that we have a Savior who died so that we may have eternal life. This was a very happy Easter for our family. We were able to explain the entire Easter story in more detail with Jack now that he's 5.

We celebrated Easter with Matt's family on the Saturday before Easter. We enjoyed a nice dinner and a fun egg hunt with all the kids! This was the first egg hunt for Macy, since she was not walking last year. The Easter bunny at Nana's house hides the same amount of eggs for each child AND each egg has the first initial of each child on it. So, the kids were only allowed to take the eggs that had thier initial on them. The eggs are filled with candy, except for Macy's, since she's a little too young for candy-filled eggs. Macy would find an egg, shake it, and then if it made noise she would put it back for someone else to pick up, but if it didn't make a noise when she shook it, she would put it in her basket. Clever little girl!

We celebrated Easter with my family on Sunday. After church in the morning, we had a nice lunch and then another egg hunt at Grandma's house. By this time, the kids were egg-hunting pros.

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