Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, little man!

Jack's birthday is tomorrow (Monday) March, 23rd. He'll be 5 years old. Jackson's turning 5. Jackson 5. oh yah. He shares his birthday with Grandpa (my dad). Happy Birthday Dad!

It is so crazy that he'll be 5! So crazy. Crazy to think how much he has grown in 5 years. It is crazy to think how much he has grown in one month, let alone 5 years! He is one amazing little boy and we're so grateful that he is in our lives.

We went to kindergarten round-up this past week. Again....CRAZY that our little boy is starting school in a few short months! He was nervous to go for some reason. He's not usually a nervous shy type of child. During the evening the parents filled out paperwork, listened to a few people talk, and took a tour of the school. The kids went into classrooms with the teachers and did various activities. He had a great time once he got back there, so it all ended up well!

Today was Jack's 5th birthday party. His friend party. He invited 4 friends for his little shin-dig and he requested a "Lightning McQueen" par-tay. So, we had a Chick Hicks bday cake and a few decorations around the house, but mostly, just lots of balloons. We ate cake, opened gifts, and played outside till thier parents came! The weather was sunny and in the mid-60s, which is probably the nicest the weather has been for any of Jack's birthdays.

Here's a photo of Jack's "Chick Hicks" cake:

He was too quick on the "blowing out of the candle" part for me to even get a photo! You can kindof see the little puff of smoke though:

And a few photos of him and his friends who were at his party:

Macy wasn't quite sure what to do during the she just ate cake and ice cream and was one happy little girl.

On a totally different note.....I've been waiting months for the DVD release of the movie "Twilight"...and it came out yesterday! So far, I've watched it 3 times. Although not as good as the book, I actually REALLY like this movie. I think some parts are a little better than the book can describe, since the book is written from Bella's point of view, and the movie can show other points at the same time. Anyway, highly recommended!! I'm re-reading the 4-book series right now and am falling back in love with it!

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