Friday, April 24, 2009

who had more fun???

So Spring FINALLY (and I mean F-I-N-A-L-L-Y) arrived this week and we've been soaking up as much lovely weather as we possibly can! The kids even wore shorts today!!!!! woohoo! We had our first visit to the zoo today too. Gorgeous weather!

Yesterday we went to the local park and I'm not sure who had more fun.....the kids or Matt.....seriously, I've never seen Matt play so hard on a playground before! Besides chasing the kids and running around with them on the playsets, he was swinging (and having a little contest with himself to see how far he could jump off the swing), going down all the slides (by himself, not with one of the kids!) forwards AND backwards, and hanging/swinging from anything that was higher than he was. He actually woke up sore today. Yes, my dear hubs is sore from playing on the playground too hard. Take a look for yourself and see who had more fun.....
And this photo is just a little bit creepy....
And this little brainiac knows all the states....he knows all thier names and where they are on the map.
All right, we're getting ready to go to a school carnival (yippie). I've got loads of things to discuss and share on here, including photos of my newly-decorated/finished craft room! Stay tuned!!!

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