Sunday, March 15, 2009

I can't think of a title...

So, not much new going on around here, but I haven't updated the old blog in a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd just drop in and say hey!

Let's see.....what's been going on....

Macy discovered she LOVES red sugar-free Kool Aid! And then she loves checking out her red tongue in the mirror over and over and over and over....super cute.

Jack has kindergarden round-up this week. I can NOT believe our little man is almost in kindergarden.

I had a 24-hour flu (that's what I'm calling it anyway...) and spent a lot of time here one day last week:

No matter how much we try to convince him to keep his room more tidy, this is what it looks like by the end of the day:

Jack has learned how to buckle his own seat belt in the van. We have two booster seats and we keep one in the third row of the van, and he loves sitting way in the back, but we don't necessarily enjoy climbing all the way in the back of the van just to buckle him in. So, the deal was that once he could buckle his own seat belt, he could sit back there....and here he is all tuckered out after an evening at Nana and PawPaws house.

The weather was GORGEOUS today! We've had a few days of fairly nice weather over the past two weeks! We're not out of the cold-weather woods yet (March is tricky here in Indiana....), but at least the kids have had some fun outside. Macy likes sidewalk chalk. She even thinks it tastes good for some reason. She's wearing a hat here, but the past few days we only had to wear sweatshirts outside! YAY!!!! Spring is SO WELCOME to arrive anyday now.

Macy finally got some new shoes since her feet are finally growing. I don't have a photo of them or anything, but she loves trying on shoes at the shoe store. It is quite cute. Both kids got new sunglasses too. They are stinkin' adorable! I haven't uploaded new photos of those either, but I will soon. Macy loves wearing her sunglasses and Jack has been wearing his quite a bit too. We got them from the Disney Store at the mall last night and they both wore them while we walked all the way around the mall....and then wore them in the parking lot, even though it was dark outside. Kids are so funny.

I've been so ready for Spring weather for a while now. Like, since last Fall. =)

Both kids have freshly washed warm-weather clothes and they are all ready to be worn!

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Dad Z. said...

I can't believe how much Macy is changing. You know, I think I've only seen her twice!!!! I've been looking at flights home but just can't pull it off yet. Macy is/has changed so much. And Jack is just a little man. I love them both so much!!!! Wish I could see them.