Wednesday, February 25, 2009

photo shoot

Jack and I went to my cousin's photography studio last night to practice some portrait photography. It was really fun and I learned quite a bit! In the future, I might get the opportunity to work along side my cousin, Jamie, in her portrait studio as well as assisting with some weddings. We will see what the future brings! In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite shots from last the first one, he's playing with a red dinosaur...and it was his idea to take off his shirt and socks!
This expression is SO JACK.

Here's my little lady waking up in the morning....rubbing her eyes all cute-like =)

In other news, it is both a happy and sad day...we bought a second point and shoot camera today...because our first ever digital camera finally broke for good yesterday. I've come to know and love this little work horse camera! Here is a photo of her...
She lasted us about 5 years and took TONS of photos. She was our only digital camera until about 1.5 years ago when we bought a digital SLR camera. She was only 3 megapixels, but she took GREAT photos and I loved this little camera! She lived in my handbag and went with us everywhere, because our Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera is too bulky to take everywhere. We ended up buying a Canon Powershot A590IS, which is a HUGE upgrade compared to the one we had, but I love Canon Powershots for point and shoot cameras. I should have Matt write a little haiku about that old camera or something!


Sally said...

How exiting...and CONGRATS on the new baby. No wonder you were so tired before!!!
Wish you the best girl!

Alison said...

we have the same camera and it is awesome! I finally upgraded a little but still have a canon. I got a kodak for Christmas last year and it lasted me about 3 months, thus the reason for the new canon! Great camera!

chris said...

I love those pictures of Jack.. Especially the 2nd one.. and the one of Macy rubbing her eyes is so darn adorable!