Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wow, I officially ignored my blog for over a month.....

The short answer as to why I haven't updated my blog in over a month......I'm just exhausted.

The long(er) answer as to why I haven't updated my blog in over a month and why I've been exhausted.....My body is still adjusting to these new thyroid meds and I still don't think they are quite right. I get through the day just fine, often with a mid-afternoon nap while the kids are napping, but by the time evening hits, it is all I can do to stay up past 9:00. If you know me at all, this is NOT NORMAL. I am usually up way past midnight. I've not had any energy to do anything creative either! I've kept up with the Project 365 scrapbook, but that is about it. I had more bloodwork done last week, so hopefully the results will be helpful. My to-do list keeps growing and growing because I just can't bring myself to get anything accomplished, which is really just not like me at all! OK....enough of me whining....

Here is what has been going on the past month or so.....

We did some rearranging and painting upstairs last month and we now have random piles and just extra stuff that has yet to find a home. The only room upstairs that didn't get rearranged or reorganized (or both) is Jack's room! He was quite clear that he did not want anything to move in or out of his room. So......we agreed. But, my craft room, Matt's office, our bedroom, and Macy's room have all been changed up! It is kinda nice and I actually enjoy this kind of change every once in a while, but it just takes a lot of energy to do the deep cleaning and reorganizing of all those rooms. and more info about this entire project coming soon!

Let's see.....Jack is doing good. Usually. We've had some serious behavior issues that needed lots of attention....and hopefully we've addressed them and he's back on track! He is enjoying preschool, but getting him out the door to GO to school isn't always fun. Today was his Valentine party, and he stamped his own Valentines and wrote out all of the kids names in his class on each one.

Macy is doing good. She's walking like a pro now and has even started slow running. Yay! It is so nice that she can walk on her own now. We're quite proud! She had her 18 month check up last week and she weighs 26 pounds and is 31 inches long. She has developed a little attitude, which is quite adorable at her age, really. She asks for cookies all day long and expects to get them whenever she wants, although we NEVER do! So, she has started throwing little fits. Kinda cute.

Cabin fever is pretty much in full effect right now. January brough VERY bitter cold temperatures and lots of snow, which just starts to bother me when February hits. February is a hard month for me to get excited about. This past week we actually had a little heat wave come through and it was 60 degrees one day. Although it was only for one day, it was great to get the kids outside and get some nice fresh air without having to get all bundled up. It is back to freezing again plus lots of wind today.....come on Spring!

Anyway....I'll upload some photos in the next few days, but for now I thought I would just give a brief update!

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