Wednesday, January 7, 2009

look out, Little Debbie

So, um, let me just say.....I'm not a huge fan of Little Debbie cake dessert things.....and I especially don't like the oatmeal cream pies. But, Matt would kill for some, and since his birthday is coming up in a few days, I found a recipie for homemade oatmeal cream pie sandwiches on the Taste of Home website .....and it turns out.....they are DELICIOUS. I even like them a lot! The recipie says it makes 4.5 dozen and I thought that surely that meant 4.5 dozen individual cookes (before making them into sandwhiches).....but after mixing everything together and having to upgrade to a larger mixing bowl (before even adding flour), I realized that it meant 4.5 dozen sandwiches.....I even had to wash some cookie sheets before baking more cookies. Crazy! But, at least there are enough to go around, but sadly there probably won't be any left for Matt's actual birthday, which is January 11th, by the way.

Jack helped mix the ingredients, and he's quite the star at it! His favorite thing to do is measure out the flour and then level it off, which he is doing in this photo. Matt took this photo from above us when we were making them. And, yes, he had to stand on a chair, because as you may already know, he's about as tall as me.

And here is the glorious finished product...

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