Saturday, September 27, 2008

lazy Saturday

Ah, what a lovely lazy Fall Saturday today was! 99.99% of the time, I wake up with the kids on the weekend, get breakfast started, and get Matt up sometime after we've been awake for a while. (He's not even close to being a morning person...) But, not today my friend! This morning I rolled over and noticed that the clock said 8:30. I flung my arm behind me to hit Matt and ask if the kids were awake yet...and my arm hit a pillow...Matt was already out of bed! I had to rub my eyes a few times and pinch myself to make sure that it really was 8:30 in the AM and that I had actually slept till that late AND that Matt was already awake (that was the part that was the hardest to beleive) AND that he had not come in and bothered me over and over till I finally woke up. After I discovered where he was I had to ask if he was feeling well. Seriously, I did. It was so very much NOT like him to do that on a weekend! But it was oh so nice for a change!

In other news...Macy is now pulling herself up to a standing position all on her own! This is big news here at our house because even a few days ago, she wasn't able to do this and now she's doing it constantly. The funny thing is though that she can't yet figure out how to get back down, so she starts crying when she's done standing. She has also recently developed quite an opinion on a few things. We are so used to her being so content and "go with the flow" that her recent outbursts when things don't go exactly her way are a little unusual for us to experience. For example, she LOVES being outside. She cries quite loudly if her brother is outside and she is not. She's not happy about seing him run around the backyard while she is stuck inside just watching. Yesterday she even crawled over to the closet, opened the door (it wasn't all the way shut...), found her own bin (we have 14 different bins in our closet....each child in our daycare has thier own), opened up her bin, grabbed her hat, and crawled to the door and held it up for me to put on her little head so she could go outside. That's quite the determination just to go outside, don't you think? Then today we were playing in her room and I found a pair of shoes that I wanted to see if they still fit. So, I put one on one foot and decided it was probably too small. After a couple of minutes, I took it off and she started crying. Loudly. I put her shoe back on and she stopped crying. She wasn't crying because something hurt. She was crying because she wanted to wear her pink shoes. So, I crammed her chubby foot in the other one and she wore them for the next couple of hours. Her chubs were squeezing out of the open parts of the shoe, but apparently she was going more for fashion rather than comfort. I tried 3 different times to take them off and each time she started whining. Um....WHAT? Please don't tell me I'm raising a girly-girl!!!

Matt had a few things to do today, so I stayed home with the kids. They napped for a LONG time in the afternoon, so I was able to get lots of fun things done! My to-do list is not that long at the moment, so any free time I have is play time for moi! This added to the enjoyable lazy Saturday. After dinner, Jack and I played "Candy Land" and "Hi Ho Cherry Oh" and for the first time he actually followed the rules and didn't just play by "his rules" or make up rules as we played. It was rather nice to see that he can follow the directions of the game! Both kids AND Matt were all in bed by 8:30, so I've even had all evening to myself! Matt had to go to bed early because he got up first, actually, he's been over-ly tired lately yet keeps forgetting to look at the clock at night and therefore is staying up way later than he should. He needs his beauty rest, I guess!

Jack and Macy enjoy playing with laundry baskets, like most other kids...but today Macy finally figured out how to trap Jackson inside one (it all goes back to her learning how to stand up by herself!) He is quite sweet when it comes to his sister, and he wasn't trying to push the laundry basket off of him, because he knew she would fall over if he did that. So, instead he just laughed along with her!

Someone is having a campfire and it smells WONDERFUL! Add that lovely Fall smell to the crisper temperatures tonight and I'm in Fall heaven over here!

Did two digi layouts today. Don't worry, I promise I haven't given up paper scrapbooking, but I've been learning so much in the digi world, that I've been really excited to keep doing digi layouts. I did go through some photos today though and have some new stacks of photos ready to go for my paper layouts, which I'm planning on doing a few of those tomorrow. But, for today, it was more digi.

This one is my favorite:

This one is ok....I used a template for the first time. I'm not crazy about the font, but I'm not taking the time to go back and figure out something new at this point...

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Erica said...

I got your response card (a while ago)and I am sooooo excited to see you and meet Jack and Macy!!!!