Thursday, September 25, 2008

celebrate! was the LAST SESSION of my year-long class. It feels SO GOOD to have my Thursday nights back! I was taking a child development course for a full year and we met one night a week, plus a few Saturdays. feels good to accomplish something that lasted so long! PLUS, The Office season premier was tonight, so I'm still excited about that!

A digi page:

I've been working on a few paper layouts that I hope to post on here this weekend. I have downloaded some fun brushes to add to photos (now that I am learning all things digital!) and it is fun to add them to photos!!!....

I think I posted this photo before, but I just love her expression here:

Next week I'm doing a scrapbooking project that I'm super excited's called "A Week in the Life" and was created by Ali Edwards. You can read more about it on her site. Basically, you collect TONS of stuff and take lots of photos for one week and document lots of specific things about that week. Kinda cool!

We've had a busy week. Macy started physical therapy this week. Let me back up a Macy's one year appointment, her doctor recommended she be evaluated by a program that works with children with up to age 3. She was still not even crawling at 12 months and not showing any signs of wanting to use her legs. Since then, she's progressed quite a bit. She now crawls super good and pulls herself up to her knees. Still no leg muscles though. FINALLY, her physical therapy started yesterday (it took about 2 months for all the evaluations, paperwork, and signatures to go through) and it was quite a session! A physical therapist comes out to our house once a week for an hour to work with her. We also have lots of things that we have to do with her each day. It is kinda fun actually to help strengthen her muscles! Basically....she has LOW muscle tone (something she was born with) and overpronates (her feet turn inward and then point outward), so her legs can't hold up her weight because her feet want to stand in a funny position. Make sense? In addition to the physical therapy, she will also have to wear orthotics in her shoes for a while. In just the past few days she has even started standing by herself at a low bench, or couch, or low table. She can't pull herself up to stand, but after we help her get there, she will stand all by herself for quite a while! We're making progress!

Jack seems to be enjoying preschool. Although he keeps saying that his favorite part of the day is "recess", I think he enjoys the other parts as well. His teachers have told us that "Jackson likes to assist the teachers in making sure the other kids stay on task." (um.....can we say bossy?...not sure where he gets that!). Earlier in the year, Jack was diagnosed with a motor tic disorder. He was having lots of unexplainable tics and twitches for months at a time. He was not having any tics for a few months and then they started back up again a few weeks ago. We have learned that motor tic disorders usually come and go in phases in a child's life. We haven't really noticed them as bad these past few days, so hopefully he's calming down with them again. They can be very distracting, especially when people don't know he has the disorder. Eventually, if they continue to be in his life, he'll learn how to work through them and not have them as much. But for now we're just learning how to deal with them when they come and go!

As for me....I recently found out that I have some thyroid problems. I won't go into much detail, but I am grateful to have discovered the condition that I have and that my doctor is working with me to treat it! I am making a few life changes that will help in the long run as well.

These past few months have been filled with medical discoveries between the three of us! It has been interesting! Of course, Matt is fine.

It is getting late again, so I should probably try to get a little sleep before the kiddos arrive in the AM! oh....tomorrow is Friday! Happy day!

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