Thursday, June 5, 2008

What happened to Spring?

So, Indiana weather has always been a little finicky. It is now June 5th and it feels like mid-July. But, just last week we were wearing sweatshirts again. We really did not have a great Spring. We had a few gorgeous days mixed in with a bunch of cooler-than-normal days. Come to think of it, last Fall was more like Summer. We didn't get to enjoy that lovely Fall crisp air much at all. It was just really hot. Now, we missed Spring and we're apparently headed full-force into Summer. Most people have thier AC turned on. I, however, like to sweat it out for as long as possible before turning on the AC for the first time of the season. Plus, it makes for a good argument with Matt. He likes turning it on as soon as possible. I don't like paying more $$ on the electric bill. We usually compromise at some point. As of right now, I'm winning.

In celebration of the lovely Summer weather, we busted out our teeny tiny kiddie pool and let the kids get a little wet. Jack, of course, loved it. Macy, on the other hand, was not a fan of the chilly water (it wasn't that cold) and was much happier sitting down and playing with the grass. Jack also wanted the sprinkler out. He has never really ever run through it though. He just likes getting as close as possible and then running as fast as he can out of the way.

Jack has been cutting with scissors for a while now and he has recently started (finally!) cutting along lines (or really close to them....) and cutting all the way across the paper. He really likes using scissors and all other crafty fun stuff, much to my happiness!

This photo of Macy just cracks me up! When she is rolling around in my craft room, she somehow always maneuvers her little body under the stool and then gets trapped. I'm still not exactly sure how or why this happens, but it is hilarious. And then she always has to pull and tug on that black cord. The cord goes to the light that is attached to my craft island table. Nice!

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