Tuesday, May 27, 2008

random thoughts...

So....here are some interesting things that have been happening around here....or that I've just been thinking of lately....

* We had GORGEOUS weather during the 3-day Memorial weekend. We planted LOTS of shrubs and perennials in our backyard and spent lots of time outside this weekend. Our church had a big picnic pot-luck on Sunday and there was even a bounce house and lots of little kid rides. It was really nice! It was great to spend so much time outside this past weekend + get lots done around the house + get in lots of relaxing time too.

* Things Matt broke this past weekend: 1. his sunglasses 2. the slide on our swing set (seriously....it literally broke OFF of the swing set) 3. the weed-wacker (well, technically he didn't brake it, but it ran out of trimmer line half-way through trimming...)

* We received a surprise $500 tax refund from the state. Now, we run our own business, so we should NEVER receive a tax refund because we have to pay taxes at the end of the year from all of our income (we don't have an employer who takes out taxes on each paycheck...). We have an accountant who prepares our taxes for us. Apparently there was a miscalculation on our tax return to the state....and we overpaid our taxes at the end of the year....so we got a refund! We should be receiving our surplus check soon too, which will be nice!

* I think I figured out a wonderful way to scrapbook all those left-over photos that don't really fit on a themed scrapbook page, but that I don't necessarily want to frame but I also don't just want to store them in my photo storage boxes. At the end of each month, I am going to do one layout as a "month in review" and jot down random things that happened that month + include some of those photos that I love from the month. I will keep all these layouts in one scrapbook. I started jotting down some little events from May and I was shocked at how many things I remembered (or just noticed in my day planner) JUST FROM THIS MONTH. Lots of little things that I don't want to forget + I think it will be cool to look back year-to-year to see what we did each month at a glance.

* Macy and Jack seem to be back to healthy again. Jack had a mystery fever for a couple of days and Macy had some serious congestion/coughing for a few days. Today was the first medicine-free day in about a week or so!

* The new Sonic is now open!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE beverages from Sonic and a brand new one just opened a few days ago about 2 miles away from here. Gotta love that! Half-priced drinks from 2:00-4:00 each day.

* I purchased the last can of formula for Macy yesterday! Formula is not cheap and it is always great when they graduate to milk.

* This is a direct quote from Matt: "I saw a string, so I pulled on it, and now I am missing a button on my shirt." For some reason, this makes me laugh SO HARD. This is SO like him.

* I may have mentioned this before, but I wanted to bring it up again. I have a serious love/hate relationship with plastic grocery bags. I love them because we use them to pick up dog poop in our backyard and on walks. And because we put one in our diaper pail each day to collect all the dirty diapers we change. BUT I absolutely hate what they do to the environment! If I could figure out an easy way to pick up dog poop with something else, I would probably convert. And, if I could figure out some sanitary way to collect dirty diapers without using plastic bags, I would do that too. I keep hearing about certain countries or cities that ban plastic bags. I totally applaud that change! But then I just don't know what I would do if I couldn't pick up dog poop and diapers without my plastic bags!

* I found out today on parentcenter.com that Jack will be 5' 7" as an adult. They have a child height predictor calculator that can predict the height of your child based on his current height/weight and the height of the parents. It said there is a 90% chance that his height will be within 2 inches of 5' 7". So, we're looking at anywhere from 5' 5" - 5' 9". Either way, he's not gonna be tall! We pretty much assumed that anyway....seeing as that we are both short....but it would still be fun to have a tall kid.

* I love chocolate.

* Macy apparently thinks it is now funny to throw her food on the floor with one swift move of her chubby little arm. Conan is quite happy about this. He basically just hangs out under her high chair. She also thinks it is funny to blow raspberries right after we put a spoonful of food in her mouth. So, we're stuck. If we feed her pureed food, she spits it back out. If we feed her chunks of food, she throws it on the floor. Plus, it doesn't help that Jack is sitting across the table laughing hysterically at this messy scene. She likes making him laugh.

* Conan had to go to the vet today for his regular exam. We don't know his exact birthday, but somehow we ended up calculating that he was born in May of 2001. This is a complete guess, but it is what we go by. He's now 7! We've been a little worried because he's been eating a lot of grass (apparently that is because he is nauseous?) and he throws up his food more than normal. Plus, he likes to eat his poop. The vet said his health is actually pretty good, but we should try changing his food. Perhaps his stomach is too sensitive for the regular dog chow that he has always had, so we are now switching to a lamb/rice dog food. It only costs about twice as much. Great.

* Summer is so close I can smell it! We have regular daycare days the rest of this week, then our numbers start getting lower and lower over the next two weeks as our parents are done with school and won't be bringing thier kids here everyday. Although we enjoy our job very much, we are also VERY READY for a little break!
have a great week!

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