Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hammock Heaven

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there! This year for Father's Day, we got Matt a hammock. We don't have any shade in our backyard, but he's always wanted one, so that's what he got. I didn't realize how amazingly awesome lying in a hammock was until I plopped down in ours today.....and seriously thought about staying there all night long. HEAVEN. Matt didn't even get to enjoy it too much yet because I hogged the thing most of the afternoon! And, here is the beautiful view from our lovely hammock. Ah, yes, it is quite impossible to look anywhere but UP when you are lying in a hammock!
And, here are my comfy feet lounging on our lovely hammock....
And, here is one sneaky dinosaur trying to take a bite out of my foot....Jack was playing under the hammock while I was chilling in it and seeing this little dino claw thing slowly make it's way above the surface was quite comical!

We ended the evening enjoying lots and lots of bubbles. Here's Macy sitting in the shade (I lied about not having any shade in our backyard.....we do have shade from the fence slats) looking at the bubbles flying in front of her.'s a quick list of the things Macy ate today:
1. a marble from Hungry Hungry Hippos (we got it out of her mouth just in time....)
2. a fist full of grass (LITERALLY a fist full. I couldn't beleive how much grass we kept picking out of her mouth. Did that REALLY taste good to her?)
3. a little piece of a basket about 2 inches long (she scoots over to any random basket and picks at it till a little piece comes off and then she tries to eat it....don't worry....we got this out of her mouth just in time too)
4. my shoe
5. half of a post-it note (I'm not exactly sure if I got all of this out of her mouth before she swallowed or not, but I like to think that I I did!)
It might seem as if this child were unattended all day long, but I'm telling you, she's not! All of these things happened when we were right next to her! I'm thinking we are headed into a new stage of babyhood or something.

We've already enjoyed a few playgrounds this summer. Jack thought this thing was cool. The big blue things move when you step on them, so it is rather hard to balance on one and try to move to the next one (when you are 4 years old, anyway!).
We spread a bunch of mulch in our landscaping this past week and Jack was quite helpful! He would fill up that little wheel barrel and his dump truck with mulch and then wheel them to the backyard and dump the mulch in little piles. It was quite cute, really!'ll start with telling you that today was Jack's last soccer game. His season goes for 2 more weeks, but we will be gone both weekends, so he'll miss both games. I gotta tell ya, I'm not too sad that his soccer season is over! Let's just say that Jack is not a big fan of soccer. He never did kick the ball ONCE during the entire season! In fact, he did his best to run FAR AWAY from the ball whenever possible. Every once in a while the ball would come in the vacinity of where he happened to be standing, and he would get caught up in a few players surrounding him trying to get to the ball. He would somehow squirm his way out of the huddle and run away from them. It WAS rather hilarious to watch him play each week, but the poor kid just did not have any interest in the sport! Our goal was to just try to get him to STAY out on the field and listen to his coach. We encouraged him to run towards the ball and try to kick it, but that never ended up happening! Oh well. Here is his team photo (he's in the front row on the far left):

And here he is playing goalie last week. It's a miracle that the ball never made it past him because, as you can see from this photo, he wasn't paying attention to where the ball was AT ALL. The other little guy in orange was the defender and he was kicking the ball away from the goal whenever it came near the goal, because obviously Jack would have just watched it go right by him.
Here he is not paying attention to the game at all.....he's the one with his shirt over his head:
And, this is quite possibly one of the funniest moments for me to witness all season.....Jack is the one lying on the ground while the rest of the kids are in the background playing....and his coach said (right as I was taking this picture), "There's no lying in soccer, Jackson!" Nice try, coach!
Today Jack had a little brush with of the local news anchors named Ryan Elijah is also one of the coaches on another soccer team. Today Jack's team played Ryan Elijah's team. Ryan kept yelling "Go Jackson!" because there was a little boy named Jackson on HIS team. Every time this happened, Jack would look around and get rather confused why someone was yelling his name, but not talking to him. Finally Jack looked at Ryan and said "Hey, my name is Jackson." and Ryan Elijah said "Wow, your name is Jackson? We have a Jackson on our team too!" and he patted Jack on the shoulder. Yup, Jack touched a celebrity! =)

So, anyway, this year soccer was a bust, but at least he got to try something new!


Kelly H. said...

what a great gift! has matt gotten to use it yet?? and where is that park w/ the cool blue things???? i want to go!!!

Lisa Joy said...

You have such pretty toes!