Sunday, May 18, 2008

soccer, week 2

Well, yesterday was Jack's 2nd week of soccer....and it went MUCH better than the previous week. He still hasn't quite figured out the whole thing yet, but at least this week he stayed out on the field and ran after the ball! Last week we couldn't keep him out on the field....this week he thought it was hilarious to fall over every few seconds. But, like I said, he did run after the ball most of the time and he participated in the drills as well. The soccer photos were taken by my friend, Chris.
This is Jack and his friend, Caitlyn. This was taken during a little soccer time-out....

This one cracks me up. Priceless. he is actually running after the ball. woohoo! Success!

I finished some wall art for the kitchen. The first canvas is 16 x 20 inches and I listed a bunch of mantras that our little family tries to live by. I used lots of paint, stamps, chipboard, letter stickers, foam stickers, patterned paper, and some fun number lace paper. For the smaller 8 x 10 inch canvases, I just used more paint, stamps, and patterned paper, as well as two 5 x 7 sepia-toned photos of us. The mantras on the big canvas say, in order listed on the canvas:

1. get to know YOU

2. seek truth

3. embrace life

4. make history

5. discover

6. learn from your mistakes

7. imperfection is perfect

8. live, laugh, love

9. be authentic

10. enjoy the journey

The other set of wall art I created for the kitchen is three 6 x 6 inch canvases that are mounted above the counter. I used all the same products listed above on the other canvases. These canvases say a quote that I like, "sit long, talk much, laugh often".

I really like how these all turned out. My next wall art project is to create a large canvas with our "family manifesto" written out. Similar style as these canvases. It will be mounted on the large wall in our kitchen, near the large canvas shown above. Our family manifesto is just a fancy way of saying "mission statement", but I think "manifesto" sounds more fun. =) Matt and I are in the process of writing our manifesto out, then I will transfer it to a large canvas and paint away!

Have a great week!


Kelly Kuker said...

Betsy! You are so creative! I absolutely love the itchen set that you made!!!!!!

Jennie said...

Oh, wow! You made these canvases?! You are so talented -they are gorgeous :)