Friday, May 16, 2008

happy Friday!

Ahhh....made it through another week!

Fridays definitely make me happy! I even ended the day making chocolate chip cookies with Jack and then getting some lovely scrapbooking time in too. A great way to end the week, if you ask me. Jack is most definitely USUALLY a great help when it comes to baking. He loves pulling up a chair to the counter to help out. He likes measuring out the dry ingredients, helping with the electric mixer, and mostly licking the beaters after we're done mixing. Every time we're mixing something yummy with the electric mixer, he says "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so excited!" (to lick the beaters when we're done...). I say he's "usually" a good help, because every once in a while he is a stinker and tries to do things like blow in the bowl of flour (sending flour everywhere) or lick/stick finger in something that he's just not supposed to. Lately I've even had him doing things like spooning the cookie dough onto the cookie sheets. Notice in this photo that he basically is just putting all the dough in one big pile on the cookie sheet =) At least he is willing to help!
Tonight I was able to start scrapbooking some of the photos from our photo shoot at Foster Park. I just finished a super cool canvas wall art project for our kitchen. I'm just waiting for Matt to help me hang it up, then I'll take a photo and post on our blog.

Some happy news.....I got front row tickets to the American Idol concert in Fort Wayne! The concert isn't till September, but my friend, Stacy, was able to get tickets before they "officially" go on sale this weekend. She just happened to snag some awesome front row seats too! I seriously can NOT wait!
Little Macy has been on the move lately! She's not officially crawling yet (or even really scooting...), but she rolls around the house like nobody's business and we've even seen her a few times push her knees up like she's starting to figure out that her legs can actually crawl or something. It's only a matter of time! She has started giving kisses, although she's not really giving them out on command or anything, but she for sure has some super wet ones! She's also sortof started waving "hi" and "goodbye". She really REALLY likes sitting on our laps and poking and exploring our faces (and ears and jewelry and hair...ouch!). She's a sweetie!

Tomorrow is week 2 of soccer season for Jack. Wish us luck. Who knows what he'll do! One minute he says he wants to play soccer and the next minute he says he doesn't. We'll just have to wait and see....and keep encouraging him in the meantime!

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