Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's been a while...I know, I know!

I realize it has been a few weeks since I last updated the blog.....time has sorta flown by + we've been kinda busy + it was sorta a slow month to report on.

I think I'll first just show some photos of our annual photo shoot at Foster Park. We went on Saturday, the day before Mom's Day. It has been Spring for about 6 weeks now, but the weather hasn't offically decided that it wants to stay warm. We'll have a few nice days in a row, then it will be crummy (cooler and rainy) for a few days, and the cycle keeps going on and on. Anyway, it happened to finally be nice on Saturday, so we jumped at our chance of getting to Foster Park while the weather was nice. We ended up getting tons of great photos from the day! Here are a few favorites:

Jack started his first official organized team sport....soccer. He's playing soccer through the local YMCA and they play once a week. They do 30 minutes of instruction and then scrimmage another team for 30 minutes. His team is the "Netherlands" and they are orange. His friend, Caitlyn is on the same team. Jack was super excited to play and he gets to wear some cute little shin guards that he was even excited about! Last Saturday was his first game.....and it did not go well. He ran around the field kicking a soccer ball for a few minutes but then when his coach was teaching his team a few skills, Jack wanted nothing to do with it! He just wanted to sit on the sidelines next to us. We finally got him to run through a few drills, but I had to stand out on the field with him. He actually did a fairly decent job kicking the ball and shooting it at the goal! But when it came time for the scrimmage, he again wanted nothing to do with it! This was kinda wierd for us because Jack is NOT a shy kid. We still aren't sure what exactly the problem was! It may have been a combination of having someone TELL him what to do as well as having a bunch of parents sitting on the sidelines watching him.......who knows. His game was at 8:30 AM and the grass was still fairly wet and at one point another kid on his team kicked the ball and it hit Jack on the side of his shirt and he was super upset because his shirt got wet. He wasn't hurt.....just mad that he had a wet shirt. Hmmm......not sure what exactly to think about that! Anyway, we did finally convince him to run around when they were playing soccer, but he never did go after the ball or even run in the general direction of the ball. We're hoping he warms up to it over the next few weeks! The first photo is of Jack participating during the soccer drills. The second photo is how he spent most of his time while the rest of the team was scrimmaging. (He's the one crouched over looking at the grass next to the soccer goal.)

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Dad Z. said...

Great pics as always. Macy looks different in some of the photos! Love 'em all. 'Bout time to send a pic disc west, n'est-ce pas? Love Dad