Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a visit with the Easter Bunny

We visited the Easter Bunny at the Botanical Conservatory on Good Friday. It was so SO crowded. Too many people and too many strollers. Matt hates crowds. I had convinced him that it wasn't going to be too busy. Whoops. Oh well! We had a good time and Jack got to participate in lots of Easter activities, but not nearly as many as he wanted to because well, it was just too crowded. We saw the Easter Bunny first. Macy enjoyed it. Jack wasn't so sure. He usually isn't scared or afraid of anything, so it was a little surprising to see him act like this. He finally warmed up and stood next to the Easter Bunny, but he wouldn't talk to him. I kindof thought that since we were visiting the Easter Bunny at the Botanical Conservatory then there would be a pretty display of flowers around the Easter Bunny. Not so much. Just a couple of die-cut Easter eggs hanging up behind him. Rather dissappointing.

We did get some cute photos among the pretty flowers at the Botanical Conservatory. Jack was a little squirmish (again, probably because it was so crowded), and didn't really want to sit still. When he finally DID sit still on a bench next to Macy, he decided to be a loving brother and squish her eye while he looked the other way. Nice.

There was a little playground in the middle of the Botanical Conservatory that Jack enjoyed. Next year I think we will opt to go to a less-crowded Easter Bunny.

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