Thursday, March 20, 2008


We had a major breakthrough yesterday. JACK ATE MAC AND CHEESE AND DISCOVERED THAT HE ACTUALLY LOVED IT! Yes, I know! It was quite a night here at the Beers' household. See......Jack has ALWAYS been a picky eater and he basically will only willingly eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, applesause, and milk. And a few other breakfast items. Other than those things, it is almost torture getting him to just eat a few kid-friendly foods (hot dogs, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, etc). I mean, come ON, who doesn't like chicken nuggets? He claims and the also doesn't like spaghetti and pizza. This photo below shows what he usually looks like at the dinner table...Turned away from his food and not eating.

For a long time now (way longer than we should have), we have been making him a different dinner than what we are eating. We've been telling him for a while that when he turns 4 he is going to have to start eating the same thing we are eating for dinner. We've been gradually getting him used to this new concept, and we keep telling him that we really do eat yummy food! Anyway...he's just picky and stubborn, and basically we are tired of it. Which is why it was great that he actually tried Mac and Cheese last night! He claims he doesn't like it, but we know he would if he tried it. And, lo and behold, he finally tried it (after MUCH convincing) and discovered it really IS good. The same thing recently happened with baked beans. And today he ate Mac and Cheese again for lunch and also tried an orange. We've been drilling it into his little mind that once he's 4 years old, he's gotta start eating new things, so I'm thinking that maybe he has decided he should probably get a head start on it! This photo shows him opening his big mouth with a fork full of Mac and Cheese. And you may even notice that a grilled cheese sandwich is sitting there too. He ate that as well.

Macy doesn't ever seem to have a problem eating what we feed her. Her mouth is always wide open when a spoon is around. We have not yet found a fruit or veggie that the girl does not like! I even mentioned before that her favorite is pureed avocado! And basically, if she likes that nasty stuff, then I'm sure she'll like anything. There are two babies in our daycare, including Macy, and when I'm feeding them lunch side by side in thier highchairs, Macy's mouth is wide open when a spoon full of food is headed toward the other baby. Super cute.

We've got a big weekend ahead of us! We have tomorrow off, so we've made some fun Good Friday plans that include a visit to the Easter Bunny. Saturday is Jack's birthday party and Sunday is Easter and Jack's actual birthday. Lots of fun to be had this weekend!


Dad Z. said...

Love the fact that Jack has finally allowed himself to try new foods...and they may actually be good. Who doesn't like pizza? Don't know why he can be stubborn. Where does he get that from? Wish I was there to help Jack celebrate his birthday.

Lisa said...

My friend had a big caterpillar that she hung in her son's room, and gave him a new body part everytime her picky son tried a new food. I think he got a prize or something when the catepillar was so big. Good luck, keep up the good fight!