Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter was a little different for us this year because it was the same day as Jack's birthday. Let me just say that I am really glad that our kids' birthdays don't usually fall on or near a major holiday. It was WAY too much for one weekend. We went to church in the morning. Jack went in with a tiny little hole in his jeans....and came out with a huge gaping hole. Nice!

We had decorated Easter eggs the day before Easter and Jack LOVED helping. He didn't even crack any of the eggs this year! Last year he was just dropping them all over the place. This year he was quite gentle and carefully placed each egg in the mug of dye. He really liked the eggs that had his name on them.

We went to my mom's house for Easter dinner and egg hunts. The Easter bunny was generous to all of us this year! Jack and Macy recieved some clothes and candy and fun little gifts.

Even though it was rather chilly, we decided to have an Easter egg hunt outside. Jack had so much fun running around Grandma's yard looking for more eggs. He thought this particular egg was hilarious because it was "so high" in the tree. He just stood there laughing and laughing at the egg! We also had an egg hunt inside as well. At one point Jack found an egg inside Uncle Andy's shirt pocket.

It was wonderful celebrating the Resurrection this year. We are so thankful!

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