Tuesday, March 18, 2008

almost 4

Jackson's birthday is on Easter this year, which will never happen again in his lifetime! He's quite excited for his birthday. He's requested a Thomas themed birthday party, and I'm sure he'll have fun with all his Thomas stuff.

He has seriously been cracking us up lately. The funniest little things come out of his mouth. Today Jackson and Macy both had to go to the doctor to get thier ears rechecked after thier ear infections (both are cleared up!!) and after we get back into the exam room and as the nurse is walking out of the room, he looks to me and says "So, um, Mom, did you bring anything for me to do in the diaper bag?" Like we'd been there for hours or something and he's just bored to death already. It is really quite fun to hold a conversation with him at his age.

Jack had quite a big day this past Sunday. He went to his first all-kid and no parent birthday party. Well, the birthday boy's parents were there, but none of the friends' parents stayed! His friend, Wyatt, had his 4th bday party and Jack was very VERY excited to go all by himself and play games at Wyatt's house. They had a ball and he did very good (according to Wyatt's parents!). As we were leaving, I asked him what all he did at the party and he said "I don't think I'm gonna tell you." Eventually he did though. =) He's very independant and likes doing things without us. I guess that is good, but we're not ready for it sometimes!

Jack and Macy both seem to be over thier illnesses, which is good. Now, if we could just get the rest of the daycare kids to stop having runny noses, we'd be all set!

This is the first week in a LONG time that we have literally had NOTHING scheduled all week. Besides the daycare, we don't have anything going on M-F and it is really nice! Friday we even have off for Good Friday. Gotta love that! Saturday is Jack's bday party and Sunday is obviously Easter. So, a big fun-filled weekend following a relaxing week!

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Kelly H. said...

ahhhhhhhdorable--both the jack stories and the scrappy page!