Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Birthday Boy

The boy is in train heaven. Jack received a bunch of Thomas and Friends trains for his birthday and he could NOT be any happier about it! He enjoyed opening up each one of them and he has not stopped playing with his new trains since his birthday! I didn't officially count how many new trains he received but he told Grandpa on the phone "I think I got like 12 new trains for my birthday." Yes, he added the "like" in the middle of that sentence when he was talking to Grandpa. I didn't realize I was raising a teenager girl! His new trains were perfect for his Thomas-themed birthday party. He had a Thomas cake and balloons and we tried playing "pin the sticker on Thomas", but only a couple of kids wanted to play. We even had train conductor birthday hats for the kids to wear, but the ONLY kid that would wear one was Macy!!!!! Go figure!

He had a great little birthday party. He had lots of fun with his little friends! He was pretty exhausted at the end of the weekend though. Between Easter and birthday celebrations and other activities, he was just wiped out. So were we, actually!

I'm getting ready to take the kids to visit relatives in Missouri with my mom. I'm looking forward to leaving town for a few days and I'm really looking forward to seeing family that I haven't seen in years! Jack is really excited to go to Missouri and he told me that he thinks it is ok if he calls my grandpa "Grandpa" too. The last time we were there was when Jack was just 3 months old. It will be great for them to get to know Jack and also for them to meet Macy. Speaking of Macy....she is screaming in her crib, so I should probably go get her. Have a lovely weekend!

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