Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blah, blah, blah

So......we're STILL fighting illness in the Beers' house. Macy seems to be better now, which is good....but the rest of us have had some sort of little bug that has stuck around for a while. Jack has had a fever since Friday and the highest it got was 104 degrees. Most of the time, since Friday, he has been hanging out around 101 or 102 degrees. Poor little guy! We keep pumping Tylenol in him, which helps a little bit, but not for very long! But, now Matt and I feel crummy, which is never good. NOTHING got accomplished around here this weekend.....which is also never good! I at least cleaned the bathroom while Jack took a bath tonight!

Took some photos of Jack playing in the snow this week. Mostly he likes throwing snow at people, but sometimes he plays in it too.

He is really REALLY into Thomas the Tank Engine right now. Like, REALLY. He has collected quite a few of the trains and plays with them almost non-stop. He knows all about each one of them and even things they say in books and shows. He even asked to have a Thomas birthday party. (Jack shares his bday with Easter this year.....) He has earned quite a few trains as incentives lately as well. The biggest incentive recently is that he gets to go to the toy store and pick a train out if he goes 7 nights in a row without having any accidents. He's has as many as 3 nights in a row. Right now we're back on night 2. I'm sooo grateful he's finally wearing undies to bed now! woohoo!

Just a cute photo of Jack and Matt reading books in Jack's room. (A few of his Thomas trains are in the background on his train track...)

We've been trying to get Macy to use a sippy cup, but it has not yet worked. She sorta just throws it off her tray or every once in a while she'll actually chew at the spout. I don't think she's quite ready yet. That's ok. She's been eating really well lately! She seems to like all the fruits and veggies I've made for her so far. I actually think her favorite is pureed avocado. Have you ever had pureed avocado? Not the tastiest, but man her little mouth is wide open for avocados! They actually make me throw up in my mouth a little bit when I'm warming them up for her. It is kinda like green mushy stinky clay. Except worse.

So much sweetness all bundled in to one chubby little body.

Jack and Macy sure have a sweet little bond already. Jack simply ADORES his little sister and we are going to make sure things stay this way! He absolutely loves being near her and talking to her in his adorable "baby voice" and making her giggle. He is so helpful with her too. EVERY time one of us goes in her room to get her up in the morning or after a nap, he HAS to come with us to "help". He brings his footstool in her room so he can see in her crib and so he can talk to her when she is laying on her changing table. It is super sweet. He also drags his own toys in her room on a daily basis to play. She likes sitting in her room with her little toys and she really likes watching her big brother play with his toys too. I just love the way they interact!

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Kelly H. said...

avocado??? for real? wow! i think the next thing macy should try is puree d'good'n'pleny....YUM