Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today I feel.....

We pretty much see all of these emotions from Jack at least once every day. You know, being 3 is tough and he definitely doesn't ever hold his emotions back, so these are the faces of Jack that we see all day long! MOSTLY he is quite happy and excited....but a close second is his mad face (top right photo). He pulls this one out more often than we would like these days. We're really working with him on controlling his "anger" when he gets mad at someone or something. Matt was actually teaching Jack how to let his frusterations out on the floor rather than AT someone when something doesn't go his way. We're hoping that technique works. Anyway, he doesn't show his sad face too often (bottom left photo), but he always looks surprised (bottom middle photo) at some point in the day, especially if there is a yummy PB&J sandwich on his plate! The confused face (bottom right photo) doesn't make an appearance very often, but sometimes Matt likes to talk over his head to see if he can get Jack confused.

This is a photo of the lovely breathing treatments that Macy had to have for about a week. The sweet little girl just sat still and never fussed about having some wierd loud mask on her face! I'm happy to report that she is doing MUCH MUCH better. She went back to the dr yesterday and the dr said that her ear infections were almost gone and that her lungs sounded awesome. Hopefully we're out of the woods with that illness!

"Happy Valentine's Day, let me choke you!"
Macy was sitting on the floor and all I wanted was for Jack to just sit next to her for 2 seconds so I could take a photo of them sitting together. Well, you know how well 3 year olds cooperate.....he insisted on sitting behind her with his arm around her neck. I seriously thought he was trying to choke her. Finally, he sat next to her and put his cute little cheek next to hers.

Valentine's Day for us is really no big deal. I actually think it is pretty much the dumbest holiday that American's celebrate all year. What the heck is the point? So, we don't celebrate. We had a little Valentine party with the daycare kids, but none of them really "got" it. They all kept wondering where the presents and cake were! We just kept trying to tell them that Valentine's Day is just a day where we are supposed to show someone we love them. Again, we're not big supporters of the holiday, so it was pretty low key around here!

The GOOD part of American Idol has finally started this week! Woohoo to that! And LOST has been on these past few weeks again. It is really getting good this season. And, now that the writer's strike is over, The Office should start up again here pretty soon!

For some reason, February has been crazy busy for us! We've had a few more obligations than normal this month, but it has just been one of those months where I just can't get ahead. This weekend we literally have NO PLANS, which hasn't happened in a while, so we are not doing anything except trying to catch up with everything!

have a great day!


Kelly H. said...

heeee! i love those jack faces! thanks for saying (mostly) nice things about my pictures...and just so you know, i'm down to just over a pound of that delicious candy we all LOVE.

Dad Z. said...

Love the pictures of the kids. Jack is a boy now. I'm happy Macy is feeling so much better. She's just a little trooper sticking with that machine. Love you guys. Dad.