Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ahhh....peaceful sleep again.....sortof.....sometimes.....

Well, we discovered the culprit of Jack's high fevers and Macy's bouts of screaming....they both have ear infections. So, now they are both on antibiotics and are hopefully well on thier way to a quick recovery. Today was the first day since Friday that Jack didn't have a fever for most of the day. He did have a high fever in the middle of last night again, but a little medicine helped that out! Since 5:00 AM this morning, he's been fever-free. woohoo! And, as you can see from the photo, Macy slept soundly in her crib again! She had three full days (before today) where she didn't get much sleep because her little ears hurt so bad when she laid down. Today was the first day she took a nice nap without long bouts of screaming. Things weren't exactly totally peaceful and back to normal....she did wake up a few times here and there, but it was nothing like the screaming we endured for the previous three days!

We got another nasty round of winter weather last night. Lots of freezing rain and snow. All the schools were closed today. We live on a cul-de-sac, so the snow plow always makes big huge piles of snow (taller than me, at least!) around the end of our street, and Jack likes climbing them, so we spend a couple hours outside this morning climbing on the snow. Some of the older neighbor kids came out and made big tunnels and forts, which Jack LOVED. I have been trying to convince him to build a tunnel or fort in the snow piles all winter because I remember when I was a kid we did that all the time!!! He always insists on just climbing them. But today, we finally had a breakthrough! He realized what I meant when I said "built a tunnel in the snow". I think he'll be out there more often building in the snow, rather than just climbing it! He kept running to the window the rest of the day to make sure his tunnel and fort had not melted. As much fun as it is to play in the snow, I'm WAY past enjoying winter weather! We've had our fair share this season, let's move on! Spring could not get here any sooner, thats for sure.

Jack likes lining up all of one kind of toy (dinosaurs, tractors, cars, etc) and then playing with a few of them off to the side. Here he lined up all his dinosaurs in a row and then played with a couple of them.

Laying on the couch enjoying a good Thomas read.

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