Saturday, February 2, 2008

a week of Milestones

It's official......this little guy is registered for Pre-School! Jack will be going to Willowbrook Day School next school year and we are super excited! Willowbrook was our first choice for pre-school for Jack and we put him on the waiting list a few months ago. We found out yesterday that he DID get in! Jack's little friend, Caitlyn (she lives across the street), will be in his class next year and they are both really excited about going to school together. Caitlyn's mom is even going to drive Jack to school. It should be a wonderful experience for him and I'm really looking forward to him being in pre-school. It is crazy to think that he is old enough to go to school. He'll be 4 on March 23rd.....which is Easter this year! Crazy early for Easter!

This week Macy started sitting up! She's quite the pro at it now, only falling over after about 10 minutes. She has also FINALLY started eating solid foods better. She never fussed or anything when we were trying to feed her, but she just wouldn't open her little mouth! Feeding her one little tablespoon of food took FOREVER. It took us three solid weeks of tricking her to open her mouth and then finally one day she just started opening her mouth each time the spoon came close. Woohoo! Now it takes about 2 minutes to feed her a little bowl of food. We've increased her amount to much more than one tablespoon because she does so much better. The funny thing about her when she is eating is that she HAS to suck her thumb for a couple of seconds between each bite. So stinkin' cute!

I reached my scrapbooking goal of 20 finished pages last month! You can view them on my online scrapbooking gallery. Click on the link at the left of the blog. My goal for February is 12 pages. I've got a few other little projects in mind for this month too.

I need to rest up. A bunch of our friends are coming over tonight for a Wii party. I need to get ready to kick some butt!

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