Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

So, um, yeah, it has been like 9 degrees here for the past few weeks. FRIGID cold. I'm getting tired of it! So tired of it, in fact, that I dressed Macy in an adorable tank top to remind me that it will be hot once again. It fits her now, but it probably won't this summer, so I had to get a photo! I'm looking forward to showing off those cute chubby arms this summer!

We've had a few unusually busy weeks recently! It has been kinda nice to be a little busy again! We have both been involved in a few new things at church, which has been awesome. My childcare class is back in full-swing after having a few weeks off for the holidays. We also had to take a couple of American Red Cross classes to update our daycare licensure. I think we had something scheduled every night during the week nights these past few weeks. I must admit, I actually like that!

Another reason we have been busier is because we finally got our Wii!!!! I think Matt has been playing it non-stop ever since it arrived via the nice FedEx lady.....who Matt practically mauled over when she pulled up to our house. He didn't stop staring out the window that day when he was waiting for the FedEx truck to arrive! I took some photos of him opening the box and laying his hands on the Wii for the first time, but they are kinda funny because it looks like is is in love with the Wii. So....I'm not going to share them here...... =)

The Wii is SERIOUS fun though! It has been fun playing the sports games and we have a bunch of other games that we have started playing as well. Come on over and play with us! We've had a bunch of people over to play and everyone loves it!

Some fun photos of the kids last weekend. I love this little brown hooded sweater of Macy's. Like I said, it is about 9 degrees here, so it has come in quite handy lately. Look at her adorable round cheeks!!! UGH, so darn kissable!

Macy has seriously been studying her hands lately. She "discovered" them a while ago, and has been picking up toys for quite some time. But it wasn't till recently that she would just stare at them for long periods of time. We catch her doing this a lot!

We started Macy on "solid" foods two weeks ago. She's, well, not the greatest eater. She still has not ever opened her mouth voluntarily when the food is coming at her. We have to trick her to smile or giggle and then put some food in. I'm hoping that she will very soon get the hang of it and start opening up real wide! These two photos are of her first bite of rice cereal and her first bite of sweet potatoes (the sweet potatoes was about a week after the first feeding of rice cereal). I decided to get all Martha Stewart this time around and make most of her baby food. We bought all jarred food for Jack, and making our own will REALLY save us lots of $$$$. Not to mention, it is WAY healthier for her little body! I've started transitioning all of us to eat more organic foods, but we've got a long way to go. Most of Macy's food will be organic as well. It is actually quite fun to make her food! I just make huge batches of it and freeze it till we need some.

Lately we've been working on getting Jack to correctly pronounce the "th" sound. He has always been a very clear speaker, but he has never really said "th" properly. For example, he is three years old, but he says he is "free" years old. And, he says "I fink" instead of "I think". Since he has always spoken so clearly, we decided that we needed to work on this sound because it was the only sound he wasn't getting correct. He's so cute! Now, almost every time he says a word with "th" in it, he consciously sticks his tongue between his teeth to say it correctly......and now he is even starting to say "th" in place of an "f" when there is SUPPOSED to be an "f"! Yesterday he told me he "thorgot" to turn off his light instead of "forgot". Guess we taught him TOO well! Now, we just have to work on when to use the "th" sound properly! This photo is just of him doing his "mean" face....

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Lisa Joy said...

I absolutely LOVED making baby food when Ian was little! I put the purees in ice cube trays and then freezer bags. It was so handy to grab a couple cubes here and there and just warm them up. I had so much fun making all sorts of fruits and veggies and seeing all the good food I was putting into my son's body. It made me feel so good!