Sunday, November 11, 2007

the world of Facebook

Have you discovered Facebook yet? Facebook is a grown-up version of MySpace. You can search for old high school or college friends and it has been a blast catching up with lots of my old friends. Plus, there is just tons of fun stuff to do on Facebook. You can do silly things to your Facebook "friends", particpate in trivia quizzes about your favorite TV shows, make quizzes for your friends to take, and TONS more. Matt and I are seriously addicted. We've caught up with lots of old friends, which has just been awesome! You should totally check it Just go see.

Let's see...what else. We barely picked up our camera this past week. Things have been slightly crazy at our daycare recently, so we've been very exhausted at the end of the day. We had a very event-less week this past week, so it was nice being able to relax in the evenings and all this past weekend. Yesterday I didn't even take a shower till 4:00 PM....and that was only cause we were having our friends' over for dinner! Today we laid around all day. Matt went to the video store. That's about it! Lots of quality family time. Nothing to complain about that!

We've decided that we are more than likely going to send Jack to preschool next school year. Originally we didn't think we needed to, since we have a preschool "curriculum" for our preschool-aged daycare kids. Jack obviously does not need to socialization that a preschool provides because he is around 10 other kids all day. time goes on, we are realizing the importance of Jack learning from someone other than us when it comes to learning. We teach him tons of stuff all day, BUT we are still his parents and he needs to learn from a teacher in a classroom environment. We are thinking that if we don't send him to preschool two mornings a week, then kindergarden will be an extremely huge awakening for all of us. We want to ease the transition for him....and for us. So, we are investigating preschools and hope to make a decision soon!

I've been in crafty-mode this past weekend! Been working on lots of little projects here and there. Got a few scrapbook pages done yesterday and today and also a few other little things. I've been collecting letter "B's" and have recently decided that I'm going to start displaying them on one wall in my craft room. They've been all over the house, so now they will find a new home on my wall. I am decorating some of them, and leaving some others just as they came. I'll take a photo of my "B" wall when I get them hung up. I've also been working on getting Macy's walls decorated. I've got a few new things hung up in there. I'll take photos of her room when it has more things on the walls. I'm hoping our new kitchen table and chairs arrive tomorrow or Tuesday, cause I'm SO excited to have them in our kitchen! Then I can move our current kitchen table to my craft room. In the meantime, I've got lots of little piles in my craft room just waiting to be put in thier new place....but I can't do that till I can rearrange some things after the table gets up here. So much fun! Here are two of the layouts I did this weekend:
I think Macy may have a little cold. She's had tons of snot coming out of her nose and she's sneezing a lot too. The poor kid can hardly breathe sometimes with all the junk up her tiny little nose! Apparently we're not supposed to give kids medicine anymore, according to the FDA, so we're just riding this out. I don't think she's miserable, but if I was the one having all the snot and sneezing, I would probably take something for it!

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