Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Well I am officially 29 now. I had a super exciting birthday....I had to go to my child development class. Super fun.

Actually, it was quite a nice birthday! Matt let me sleep in an hour, which was super awesome. Our daycare kids were fine all day and then he let me leave an hour early for my class so that I could go to Archiver's, my favorite scrapbook store. He got me an Archiver's gift card as well as two books that I really wanted for my bday! Super awesome hubby.

This was my favorite photo from my birthday. I've become fond of photos of people kissing baby cheeks.

We celebrated the big 2-9 at my mom's house on Saturday with her and our friends, Brian and Cari and thier two kids. Oh, and my mom babysat our kids for a few hours before we had our little get-together in the evening so that Matt and I could hang out by ourselves for a bit. We ended up doing lots of shopping and we purchased a new kitchen table!!! I am so freakin' excited for it to come in! Our current kitchen table will become another crafty station in my craft room.

I spent lots of time this weekend reorganzing my craft room. Sometimes I just love reorganizing something for the sake of reorganizing. Keeps things fresh. New perspective. I like going through all my scrapbooking supplies and finding old things that I had forgotten about. I just like organizing, what can I say. Plus, I'll be bringing the kitchen table up here soon, so I needed to get a space empty for it.

We sold our second car! We decided that we did not need two cars since we both stay at home now. We had driven our second car only a handful of times this past year, so we decided to sell it. Matt's mom and step-dad bought it from us today and we are SO grateful that it all worked out so well!

Jack seriously cracks me up sometimes. He has been VERY ornery and disobedient lately, so I've been soaking it up when he has a "good" behavior day. The other day he was watching a TV show and a commercial came on and he starts screaming "Oh no, oh no the TV is broken!!" We finally realized that what he meant was that there was a commercial on and he didn't know what a commercial even WAS! The little bit of TV that he usually gets to watch is always one of the shows we have recorded off of the Disney channel....and there are no commercials during those shows. So, he has basically never seen a commercial. Matt and I were cracking up! We both commented how radically different that is from our own childhood. No DVDs or DVRs to record TV. We had to be literally sitting in front of the TV to watch a show when it aired, or you missed it! Now we can watch TV when it is convenient for us. We can even skip through commercials.

One of the other things he does right now is that he has "real" conversations on the phone when he is pretending. He'll pretend to call someone and then just start chattin' it up with that person as if they were talking on the other end of the line. He'll ask a question, wait a few seconds, and then respond to how he thinks they would answer. He even stutters like when you are trying to get a word in but the other person is talking too much and won't let you speak. He'll be saying "wait, but, but, but, um, wait" as if he's trying to say something between the other person's words. So funny.
Macy has become fascinated with the pendulum on a clock in our family room. She just sits and stares at it with a cute little grin. She even "talks" to it sometimes. She loves that clock! Here is just a random photo of her laying on her belly. She is not crazy about being on her belly, so I snapped a photo before she started wailing.

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Dad Z. said...

As always, love the pics. Tell Jack to call grandpa sometime. We'll have a "real" conversation. He is a little boy now, that's for sure. I still think of him as a toddler and I need to move on.

Love y'all