Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I seriously cannot believe that Thanksgiving is already tomorrow! This is by far my favorite time of the year. The week of Thanksgiving through New it! We've already hung up our Christmas lights outside and we're getting all of our inside decorations out tomorrow after our feasts! My dad came into town today from AZ and he'll be here for a week. Tomorrow we're having Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's family and also Matt's family. Then on Friday I am making dinner for my dad and our family. We're decorating the house and relaxing the rest of the weekend!! Plus, we're having our little Christmas with my dad on Sunday. I'm super excited for everything that we have planned for this Thanksgiving weekend!
We bought a new kitchen table and chairs and they have been sitting in our kitchen for a few days now! We LOVE them! The table is much much bigger than our old kitchen table and it is just so much nicer. Plus, now our old table sits in my craft room for more crafty space for me to create! That is always good. However, I have had so many little projects on my plate lately that I have not had much time to create for fun. I have not even begun to plan my Christmas cards yet. Let alone MAKE all of them! I usually have them all made by now. I'm seriously behind. I'll get over it. Matt has already written his hilarious Christmas letter. If you have never received a Christmas letter from us, you are seriously missing out! I will post his letter on our blog closer to Christmas. It is so funny!
We had a little scare this week with Pinkeye. One of the daycare kids had it on Monday and I was just sure we would all get it since it is so contagious. However, due to some fantastic cleaning skills and quick-thinking on me and Matt's part, we were able to keep the child away from the others and not infect anyone else! No one else ended up catching it, so we were pleased that we were able to contain that nasty Pinkeye! The little guy that did get it is feeling much better and is all cleared up. Good!
I know I have some new photos to post....but I'm lazy right now. I will spend some time this weekend uploading some new photos for you to see!
In the meantime, enjoy your relaxing Thanksgiving!

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