Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Here are two of the pumpkins we carved this year. I did the one on the left and Matt carved the one on the right. I told you that I was more of a traditional pumpkin carver and Matt was the more interesting carver!

Matt had a brilliant idea to carve a pumpkin and let all the guts sort of run out of it's mouth to make it look like it is puking. It was actually a good idea....very quick to carve! He carved a few pumpkins where he didn't carve a lid on top to scoop out the guts. He just carved a huge mouth and scooped the guts from the mouth....or in this case, he just put all the guts in front of the pumpkin.

Here we are early in the day with Jack and Macy wearing thier Halloween clothes. This was before the day became crazy and chaotic.

And this was after the day started to become crazy and chaotic.....Macy dressed up like Princess Leia and she was not very excited about it. I love her little Princess Leia hair buns, but apparently she did NOT like them. She's much cuter when she is not crying! She had a crummy day today. She refused to breastfeed. She took a bottle of breastmilk just fine, but she flat out would NOT nurse. I was quite confused because she has never done that before and today EVERY time she was about to eat, she would scream and push away from me. We'll see how tomorrow goes.
All the daycare kiddos brought thier Halloween costumes today. The kids were CRAZY today because of Halloween. We put all thier costumes on and this is the best photo we could capture. It is rather hard to get all of them to stay in the same area and look at the camera. That's ok. No big deal. It is very choatic to get all of them dressed in thier costumes, by the way. The little guy in front laying down is a dog. I guess he got tired. =) Out of all the daycare kids' costumes, we had two butterflies, one pirate, one skeleton, one dinosaur, one Dumbo, one dog, one bumblebee, one Darth Vadar, and one Princess Leia.
We went Trick-or-Treating tonight with my friend Stacy and her son, Cooper, and it went pretty well, except that Jack would not wear his Darth Vadar mask. Trick-or-Treating hours were 5:00-7:00 and it was almost 6 before I finally convinced Jack to put all of his costume on. Jack is not a big fan of dressing up or wearing hats, so I knew that getting him in his costume would be tricky. He finally did, except he wouldn't wear the mask or the stuff that made him look like Darth Vadar. He would only wear a black hooded sweatshirt (but he wouldn't put up the hood), black sweatpants, and a black cape. He carried his light saber around for part of the night. He also had to carry his pumpkin basket so he could collect his goodies. He kept saying, "Mommy, I can NOT carry three things." (his light saber, Darth Vadar mask, and his pumpkin basket). So....guess what I got to carry around all night? yup, the light saber and mask. Of course he got to carry the pumpkin basket with all the yummies! He was a very polite Trick-or-Treater.....he always said "Trick-or-Treat", "thank you", and "Happy Halloween"!
It was just one crazy Halloween between 10 crazy kids and one fussy baby. We got through it though and now I'm pooped and ready for bed! Oh, and tomorrow is my big b-day! The big 29! One last year in the 20s. least I'm not 30 yet.
Happy Birthday to me!

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Dad Z. said...

Halloween is definitely for kids. I don't have any trick or treaters in the "active" adult community. I would think it took your hours to get all the kids in the costume. Its a great pic. I'll email you a pic of the pumpkin I carved. See if Jack can tell what it is.