Saturday, October 27, 2007

iPod, trains, and the toilet...

Matt bought a new iPod a few weeks ago and he pretty much has it with him at all times. He and Jack often listen to it together, and I think it is rather cute when they each have an ear bud in their ears and are listening to the same thing. Dan Zanes is one of our favorite children's musicians, and Matt loves his music too, so they listen to him a lot. Jack is really in to dice right now. We have a huge bag of dice and he loves rolling them, counting the dots, organizing them into colors, and forming shapes with them. That is what they are doing in this photo....listening to Dan Zanes on the iPod and playing with the bag of dice.

Jack has also been totally into his trains again. He goes in phases with his interest in trains. He will be all about his train set one week, and then he wants nothing to do with it the next week. He is ALWAYS all about his cars, trucks, and tractors though! This past week he was excited about his train set again, so he played with it tons. He really likes Thomas the Train (even though we don't have any Thomas toys). We're getting him a Thomas the Train DVD for Christmas and one Thomas train car.
We had a very relaxing Thursday and Friday at our house. A few of our daycare kids were gone, so it was nice to have an easy couple of days with them all! Today we are going to Matt's parents' house to celebrate our nephew's first birthday. Should be a nice time!
I think we're ready for Halloween. We carved two pumpkins yesterday and we'll finish the rest this weekend. Matt and I both love carving pumpkins. Matt gets WAY more into it than I do though! I'm your basic "triange eyes and ears and a smile mouth" pumpkin carver....and Matt likes to make much more intersting shapes and figures on his pumpkins. Jack likes taking the stem lids on and off.....but he's not crazy about touching the pumpkin guts. I didn't take any photos of our pumpkins yesterday because we carved them with the daycare kids, so it was kinda hectic...but I'll take some photos of them this weekend. I'm not sure if I mentioned what the kids are going to dress up like for Halloween. Jack is Darth Vadar (totally decided on by Jack....and very enthusiastically encouraged by Matt) and Macy is going to be Princess Leia. I made some Princess Leia hair buns for Macy's costume. They are freakin' adorable! We'll post photos of both costumes after Halloween!
OH, and my birthday is November 1st!!! I'll be 29, which is wierd cause that is the age that everyone OVER age 29 always claims that they are......but I really will be 29. TWENTY-NINE. Still sounds young, but that is just way too close to 30. We don't have much planned. I think I know what I'm getting for my birthday, but I'll find out for sure this week....
And, lastly, I will leave you with this photo of Jack on the toilet. He does not want us to be in the bathroom when he is doing his #2. We just get to come in after he's done and wipe his bottom. Lucky us!

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Dad Z. said...

Hate to be picky but I think you need to change the wording to Matt is playing with the dice and Jack is watching. ha. Love the pics. I can't believe how much Macy has grown. Her face is so round. She's adorable.