Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall, where are you?

First of all, I just want to say that we have had the air conditioning on almost every day this October. OCTOBER. I seriously don't remember it ever being this hot in October! According to the weather guy, the temperature is supposed to break a record tomorrow. I know it is hot in other places in the world in October, but in Indiana we are supposed to have chilly and crisp cool temperatures in October. It is not even close to that yet! I have this weird thing about not wanting to turn on the air conditioning until June and then I don't want it on after September. But, it has been getting like 80 degrees in our house during the day, so I cave in and turn it on. I'm so bummed!

Anyway, we went to this cute little pumpkin patch this afternoon. We usually go to a huge pumpkin patch, and we might go there in a couple of weeks, but we were itching to get a few pumpkins on our front porch, so we just got a few at the little pumpkin patch. Jack had a great time, of course. He picked out some Indian corn and a cute little pumpkin just his size. He enjoyed trying to take the big pumpkins off of the trailer. Macy cooperated most of the time we were there. I think she was getting hot in her long sleeve onesie. Like I said, it is freakin' hot here and it isn't supposed to be....but enough about that. =)

Matt picked out a bunch of funky gourds. I picked out one big pumpkin and one little one.
Macy has been quite the little sleep champion lately. We've been laying her down at about 8:00 or 8:30 PM and she sleeps till about 5:30 or 6:00 in the AM! Can't complain about that! It has been nice having a couple of extra hours in the evening to just relax, but really we just go to bed earlier and catch up on some much-needed sleep. Once we get used to her going to bed so early, I'm sure we'll be more productive in the evening. Till then though, I'm gonna sleep!

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