Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Little Pumpkins

I brought some of our pumpkins inside for a quick photo shoot with Jack and Macy. Here are some of my favorites...

The weather is FINALLY starting to feel like Fall, which is wonderful!

Macy went to the doctor yesterday for her 2 month check-up. She weighs 12 pounds, 11 ounces (that is the 95th percentile for weight) and is 22 1/4 inches long (50th percentile for length). Basically, she's a little chunker! She had to get a few immunizations and she cried for about 1 second after each one, then she was fine. I was so proud of her for being so tough already! Jack cried forever after his shots.
Matt buzzed all of Jack's hair off a couple of days ago. Jack likes the way it feels when you touch it. I like his hair short!
We started watching a new TV series on NBC called "Chuck". Highly recommended. Totally hilarious! I think it is on Monday nights. I'm seriously bummed that "Lost" is not starting thier new season till Spring. That was a HUGE disappointment for us. That is by far our favorite show!

Not much else going on with us! Have a great day!


Donna (Sapphire1968) said...

Love the photos!!! She is getting so big. I can't believe 2 months already. Love Jack's buzz cut, such a cutie!

Michele said...

Okay, so now your two children have the same hairstyle... get a photo with Matt in there, and they'll all match! Betsy, when are you shaving it off?

cherry208 said...

Macy is getting so big. Her face is so round. I don't think she looks much like Jack. Probably as she grows older. I love that brown shirt on Jack. Just complements him so well.