Saturday, September 15, 2007

We're NEWS-worthy!!

Matt was on the news tonight! Funny little was the "Kite Extravaganza" at Saloman Farm, which is a super cool working farm where the local Parks and Recreation often hosts festivals, demonstrations, and family fun days. We arrived at the farm with our kite.....and no one else was there! The guy in charge said that no one else had shown up yet, but told us to go ahead and fly our kite. So....we flew our little Superman kite and had a fun time. Macy and I watched from the side. Matt and Jack took turns flying the kite. Jack also enjoyed chasing the low-flying kite that Matt was trying to keep from him. Anyway, as we are about to leave, the local news van shows up! We decided to stay for a few minutes in hopes that we would get on the news (seeing as we were the only people at the Kite Extravaganza flying a kite). Sure enough, the news guy got lots of footage of both Matt and Jack flying the kite. We were so excited to see the news tonight! I thought for sure that Jack would be on, but instead the news showed only Matt! It was kinda hilarious! Matt was on the news flying a kite. Oh, and the news anchor made fun of Matt because he was wearing a knit hat and the news guy didn't think it was THAT cold. (Matt loves wearing his knit hats and he would wear them in the summer if he could!!)

Here's a photo of Matt getting filmed while he was flying his kite. And a photo of Jack holding the kite handle, but not paying any attention to his kite and instead talking to the camera guy.

And another kite photo as well...

Matt and I went on a little date last night. Our hot date consisted of shopping at Target, Babies R Us, and Borders. woohoo!! Actually, it was nice to get out together without both kids! We purchased some much-needed closet storage units for both Macy and Jack.

I was able to get the kids' closets organized today, which felt great! Macy has so many of clothes already. I recently aquired a TON of clothes from a friend who no longer needs baby girl clothes. I seriously had to rearrange her entire closet just to fit all the new clothes in! I also needed to organize the toys in Jack's room and closet because his toys were starting to take over his now some of the toys that Jack no longer plays with are in Macy's closet.

Tomorrow we're going to the Johnny Appleseed Festival, which I absolutely LOVE. The atomosphere is so wonderful at the JA Festival! I'm looking forward to the cool, crisp fall weather tomorrow (mid 60s and sunny) to enjoy the bag pipe music, old-school kiddie activities, and yummy caramel corn. I'll share photos of the festival later!


Mom(Nana) said...

I So enjoy getting to share your fun stuff. I fill closer getting to read about what gose on in your lifes.Good job !!!

Sally said...

How neat is that!?
Congrats on the potty training, and even though I don't comment on every entry, I am reading them. I'm enjoying your blog quite a bit...Matt is such a witty writer, keep making him post! hehehehe