Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Onalee's

This is Mammaw (Matt's grandma), whom we named Macy's middle name, Onalee, after. Isn't she beautiful? She was able to hold Macy quite a bit today.

This is Nana, Matt's mom, and Macy!
We spent most of today at Matt's parents house just enjoying the company. The Grabill Fair parade was this morning and it passes right in front of Matt's parents' house, so we were able to watch the parade from thier front porch. Very nice! It was only in the 70s today, and it was actually a little chilly during the parade, which was nice! Here is a picture of Jack and his partner-in-crime, his cousin Raven, watching one of the marching bands in the parade. Jack and Raven were ready to catch as much candy as they possibly could that the parade-walkers threw out to them. Raven even had a plastic bag to gather thier loot and it was quite full at the end of the parade!

Here's a picture of Jack watching a tractor in the parade. There were a few tractors that drove by as well as tons of other floats and parade things.
Towards the end of the parade, a bird fell and landed on thier front porch. We seriously thought it was injured because we were getting really close to it and it wouldn't move. Jack was pretty intriged and was totally checking it out up close. But then it finally flew away! Kinda wierd.

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cherry208 said...

As always, I love the pics of the kids. I always imagine in my mind what they're doing before and after the picture is taken. I can just see Jack at the parade and doing the egg toss. Love 'em.