Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome, Fall!

I am sorry I haven’t updated our blog lately! Life has been crazy and hectic around here lately and I’m just worn out! Macy is sleeping through the night now (woohoo!!), so you would think I should have more energy, but somehow I have been even MORE tired since she started sleeping through the night. When I say “sleeping through the night”, I mean she is sleeping from about 10:00 PM to 5:00 PM, which I consider “sleeping through the night”. She is getting SO stinkin’ big. According to our home scale, she weighs 12 pounds, but we’ll see what the “real” baby scale says at the doctor. She was supposed to go to the doctor today for her 2 month check up, but we to reschedule for October 8th because of some insurance/doctor issues. If we went today, she wouldn’t be covered by insurance at the doctor we want her to go to. But if we wait till October, then she’ll be covered under the doctor we choose for her. ANYWAY, enough about that.

Let’s see…

Jack is doing pretty well. He’s been VERY obnoxious and strong-willed lately and it has sorta been wearing us out! He likes to test us and see what he can get away with, apparently. He has been doing a super good job at potty training and we’re really excited about it!

We went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival last weekend and it was nice. Very crowded this year, but still nice and fall festive! I didn’t take many photos because it was so crowded and it was hard to maneuver the stroller, keep an eye on Jack, and hold up the camera. Here is one photo of Jack on one of the kid “rides” (a wooden swing).

This past weekend we went to the Fall Festival at Saloman Farm, which was fantastic yet again! Jack loved looking at all the tractors and animals that they had there. They had a huge pile of hay (or straw? I’m never sure which one…) that he played in forever. There were some other kiddos running around in the hay stack and they were all throwing hay at each other and having a good ol’ time! He also enjoyed checking out these huge horses there too. And of course it was exciting to see a bunch of pumpkins for sale! That really makes me in the mood for fall!

We have two more kids in our daycare for the next month and it is quite crazy in our house during the day! Our daycare “lineup” now consists of:
One 2 month old (Macy)
One 3 month old
One 7 month old
One 9 month old
One 11 month old
Two 1 year olds
Two 2 year olds
Two 3 year olds
Yes, we are officially insane. There are SO many little ones in our daycare right now and some of them are still adjusting to life at our house, which makes it harder on us right now to help them out when we’ve got all the other kids too! They are all great kids and we really enjoy them all, but it is slightly exhausting right now with so many little kiddos. We are looking forward to around January when all but two of them will be walking. Much easier to manage all of them when they can all get to where they want to be (instead of us having to hold all of them all day)….and hopefully they will all be adjusted well by then (and taking good naps…). Right now Matt and I might get 10 minutes of complete silence during the afternoon nap time IF we are lucky. That rarely happens. Basically, we don’t get a break all day long. We barely get to eat lunch. Soon, very soon, things will be less chaotic!

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