Friday, September 7, 2007

Grabill Fair

We went to the Grabill Fair yesterday with Matt's parents and had a great time! They have lots of food and craft vendors and some fun things to look at. Matt's parents live in Grabill, so we parked at their house and walked down to the fair. While we were eating some overpriced fair food, they were having an egg-toss contest right behind us. Jack wanted to participate really badly, so after all the age brackets were over, they had a family event where any age could participate. Jack chose PawPaw as his partner (although PawPaw wasn't too excited about the possibility of having an egg thrown at him by a toddler...). They stood in line together and then lined up apart from each other ready to play. The lady gave the egg to Jack, which was so hilarious because they weren't allowed to throw it till everyone had thier eggs. When she handed the egg to Jack, Jack looked at PawPaw with a VERY mischevious grin as if to say "Hmm, PawPaw, what do you think I'm gonna do with this??" Jack tried putting it in his pocket and tried rolling it up in his shirt. He dropped it a few times before the contest even started. Finally, when they were allowed to throw it, Jack threw it RIGHT at PawPaw....and PawPaw didn't catch it! We thought Jack would be totally disappointed, but he was just darn happy to have been able to play! It was such a hilarious little event to watch from the sidelines and I wished I had taken my camera! Tomorrow morning we are going back to the fair to watch the parade. I'll take my camera then for sure.

Everything here seems to be going well. I'm working hard at getting Macy to start sleeping through the night, but she's still not going for it. She hasn't been napping very well during the day, but I don't have much extra time to work on it when the daycare kids are here. Hopefully soon her sleeping schedule will fall in to a nice little routine for me.

I love this photo of Macy's toes. She always has them scrunched up and I think it is so adorable!

Jack has been doing a super job at using the toilet. Every once in a while he has a poopy accident, but for the most part, he's doing great. We're VERY happy about that!

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