Saturday, September 1, 2007

Crazy week...

This past week was pretty crazy around here and we are so glad it is the beginning of a long weekend now! I got sick on Thursday (vomiting throughout the day and I just felt awful) and Matt was left taking care of all our daycare kiddos by himself (he did great, but was slightly stressed by the end of the day!!). By Friday I felt much better, but my entire body was very sore and achy and my head was still pounding, so I didn’t stay around the daycare kids because I didn’t want them to get sick….so Matt took care of them all day Friday by himself too =)
I feel better now though! (just in time for the weekend!!)

Great news at the Beers' house....JACK IS NOW POTTY TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we're jumping for joy about this! In the past, Jack has been VERY stubborn on not wanting to use the toilet. (He gets his stubborness from Matt, probably....hehe, just kidding.....) Anyway, he would throw tantrums whenever we would mention going to the bathroom. So, we didn't push it. On this past Monday I casually told Jack that I thought it would be a good day for him to start wearing big boy underwear and he said “OK, I’m ready to be a big boy now!” After I picked up my jaw off the floor, we put on his big boy undies and he’s been wearing underwear ever since! He has actually been excited about going to the bathroom and he is doing a super job at telling us when he needs to go. He even pooped in the toilet already! He had an accident on most days this past week, but overall we’re very pleased with his potty training progress! No more diapers!

Macy is doing quite well. She has discovered her hands a few times and is trying to figure out what they are for. She is getting much bigger and has already grown out of many of her clothes!

So, between me being sick, Jack potty training, and caring for a baby, this week was kinda crazy, but we survived!

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cherry208 said...

Glad to hear Jack is potty training. Sorry to hear you were sick. Love the picture of Macy. Hi Matt.