Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm a super good spellar (by Matt)

Betsy is super duper talkful right now and I can't think so forgive me for sounding like a moron, which I usually do, whether Betsy is jabbering in my ear or not, but I will use any excuse at my disposal to shunt the blame onto whomever I can.

So, lately things have been a little slow in the department of Matt's Brain. It seems that all of my cerebral cortexing is out of whack and my brain stem isn't doing its job, and as to what that job might be, I have no clue. I just feel slow. I sit down to write and I freeze up. If I'm sitting on the toilet brainstorming, novels are born and die. But as soon as I sit down in front of my keyboard lately that bestseller I just outlined takes a backseat to solitaire and is soon lost forever.

I would blame my diet, but that would mean making some kind of lifestyle change and as I have a crippling fear of failure, I am not about to try anything drastic like introducing vegetables into my diet. My ego just can't handle it.

For the record, though, my tri-peaks winnings have topped the $10,000 mark after nearly 1200 games. I'm trying to figure out who to contact to cash out. If anyone has any info, please let me know.

Also, if anyone knows about any minesweeper tournaments offering cash prizes, I'd like to be informed.


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