Wednesday, August 15, 2007

She Smiles!!! (by Betsy)

So, yes, I was right….Macy has started smiling! This photo was taken right at the end of one of her beautiful smiles today. I’m lovin’ those smiles right back at me!!

I LOVE this photo of Jack and Macy’s little hands. This photo was taken about 5 seconds before Jack dropped Macy. Whoops! Jack was holding her so very nicely on the couch and then he decided he was done and he sort of just tossed her to the side and got off of the couch. She was fine, but we had to remind him to be very gentle with his sister! Jack likes holding her and Macy loves sitting in her brother’s arms (till she gets tossed aside…)! When Jack is holding her, he sings her songs (usually the “ABC” song or “The Wheels on the Bus”) or he will shake her hand and keep saying “It’s so nice to meet you!”

We took a few more photos today. Macy wasn’t in the best mood though! She doesn’t really like being naked right now, so that may have been why she was slightly fussy. I love these photos of Matt and Macy! The one of Macy and I makes me laugh because she looks like she is about to punch the camera. Not her best photo ever, but I still decided to include it on our blog.

We had quite an interesting incident involving a LOT of poop shooting out of Macy’s butt. Matt had been helping Macy get rid of a bunch of gas and he thought she was all done…so he went to change her diaper…and she wasn’t done…
Oh, did I mention that I just happened to put my hand right in the path of the shooting poop? I was trying to get a diaper out of the way and suddenly my hand was covered in poop. We had never seen poop shoot from a baby like that before! Kinda gross. We threw away quite a few things that got in the way of the shooing poop (rather than cleaning them)! It was a nasty incident, I’m glad it is over.

I need to get to bed!

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