Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birth Announcements (by Betsy)

This is Macy's birth announcement that I just finished making and sent out in the mail. It was fun choosing some girl colors for her announcements! Macy is now 3 weeks old and is a brilliant little baby! She's settling nicely into a pretty predictable schedule already, and I'm LOVIN' that! She slept 8 hours straight at night two nights ago. Last night she slept 6 hours, got up to eat, and then decided that she didn't need any more sleep....so I didn't get any more sleep either. But most nights she easily sleeps at least 6-7 hours straight, eats, and then goes back to sleep for a few more hours. NICE!
I swear Macy smiled a few times at me today! I think babies usually start smiling around one month old, so she's not quite there yet, but it really seemed like she smiled today! She smiles in her sleep a lot, and that is just a baby reflex, but today she was smiling when I was talking to her. Hmmm....we'll see if she does it some more tomorrow.
Jack was cracking up Matt and I at dinner tonight. Macy was snoozing in the family room and Jack said he wanted to go check on her. He said in a whisper "I'll be real quiet." He runs to check on her and then farts real loud while he's looking at her. Then he shouts "EXCUSE ME". Then, he shouts "MOM, DAD, MACY'S BELLY IS GOING UP AND DOWN!!! COME LOOK!!! HER BELLY IS GOING UP AND DOWN!!!". What happened to him being real quiet???? Thanks, Jack! It was fine, she didn't wake up. And, we haven't even been requiring him to be quiet or anything because she'll get used to him being loud. It was just a funny little moment!

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