Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mini photo shoot (by Betsy)

We did a quick little photo shoot this morning while Macy was awake and happy. We were able to get lots of good photos! These are a few of my favorites, but I'm getting tons more printed off later today.

This weekend we are planning on getting lots of rest. Since our daycare kids have been back the past two weeks, we haven't been able to take any naps and we are starting to get a little tired! This morning Matt and I woke up to hearing Jackson trying to wake up Macy by throwing stuffed animals on her. Of course she woke up. Sleeping time was over for us! Plus, our dog was laying under Macy's crib and he was stuck and making lots of noise trying to get out. Poor little Macy was just trying to sleep, but had a brother throwing things on her and a dog thrashing his tail under her crib trying to get out. Conan (our dog) doesn't usually make a habit of sleeping under her crib...but last night one of our smoke detectors started beeping every minute or so because it had a low battery. Conan is deathly afraid of that high-pitched beeping noise. He freaks out and shakes and is very nervous. (We have a smoke detector in every room of our house, so this has happened quite a few times before. We're not sure why it scares him so much.) In the middle of the night last night Conan kept trying to lay on top of me and Matt (he's about 85 pounds, so we don't usually let him lay on us...) and then we finally realized that one of the smoke detectors was beeping. Matt went to go turn it off and discovered it was the one in Jack's room. Jack was sound asleep! That is when Conan took cover under the crib.

The four of us went out to eat last night and then went shopping at the mall. Matt and Jack spent about an hour in a bookstore that is going out of business, so they puchased some good deals! Macy and I spent most of our time in Archiver's getting some new scrapbooking papers. It was a GREAT way for us to end a hectic week.


cherry208 said...

I love the pics. Especially the ones where Jack is holding her and the one where she is wide awake and smiling; wearing the outfit with the 3 hearts on it.

Donna (Sapphire1968) said...
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Donna (Sapphire1968) said...

Love the photos. She is adorable and looks like big brother Jack is lovin his new sister. :)

Anonymous said...

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