Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ice Cream Social (by Betsy)

Jack, Macy, my mom, and I went to an ice cream social last week sponsored by Parkview North Hospital (the hospital where Macy was born). It was HOT on this particular day, but we decided to go anyway! Free ice cream and s’mores at least!!!

Parkview North has held quite a few community outreach events and we have always been impressed when we go. They had advertised lots of fun kids’ activities, and Jack was super excited! Parkview North has an AWESOME kids playground, so we thought that if Jack didn’t want to participate in any of the activities, at least he could play on the playground. He ended up not even playing on the playground because there was soooo many fun things for him to do! They had a few moon walk bouncy things, which he just loves. They also had pony rides! He had never been on a pony before, so that was really fun for him to do. He just giggled the entire time he was on it. He kept saying “This is like the pony I ride at Meijer!” (Meijer is the grocery store we go to and he gets to ride the penny pony ride at the end of our grocery trip…if he’s good…) I’m not totally sure that he realized that the Meijer pony is fake and the pony at the hospital was real! He still liked it though.

We stood in a long line just to have a clown make Jack a balloon sword, which he immediately popped on accident. It was so hot that the balloon animals were popping like crazy when they would touch anything! He was so upset when his sword popped on the grass, so the nice clown made him another one real quick. I held on to it till we got home because I knew it wouldn’t last long in his little hands!

The hospital had the Samaritan helicopter on display at the ice cream social and Jack was able to get up really close to the helicopter and check it out and also talk with the medical personnel and pilots that operate the helicopter. In this photo Jack is talking to one of the medical personnel. Jack thought it was pretty cool that he could walk under the back part of the helicopter without his head touching the helicopter. The Samaritan took off in the middle of the social, and that was fun for Jack to see too.

We ended our fun evening enjoying some yummy DeBrands ice cream and s’mores! Macy slept the entire time in the stroller. Another fun community event at Parkview North!

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