Saturday, August 11, 2007

Simply Adorable (by Betsy)

I seriously cannot stop kissing those cheeks! Macy’s skin is so soft and beautiful and she is just perfect all over. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying the newborn phase of Macy’s life! I didn’t enjoy the newborn phase of Jack’s life, so it is nice to enjoy it this time around! Macy is doing SO well and we are actually getting lots of sleep around here. The past few nights she has slept for at least 6 hours straight at night, which is great! She is nursing quite well and is gaining weight at a good pace.

Our daycare kids started coming back to our house this past Monday. It would have been nice to have more time off with a newborn baby, but I must say that the transition was really good this week with all the kids here. We already had a few babies in our daycare, so introducing the older kids to another baby wasn’t a huge deal to them! They did a great job this week. Jack was excited to see his friends again and return to a normal schedule. It was a little rough for me in the morning before the kids started arriving to get ready and have Macy and Jack (and Matt…) fed and ready for the day. I’m hoping that gets easier quickly!

Matt’s sister and her family (Michele, Aaron, Maddie, and Ellie) sent us some adorable baby girl clothes and a new cover for our Boppy pillow in girl colors. (Thanks Michele!!) I LOVE my Boppy pillow! I often use it when I’m nursing her, but it is also great for propping babies up when they are laying on the floor. We had a blue cover for the Boppy when Jack was a baby. Jack likes the Boppy about as much as I do, so Matt took this photo of Jack enjoying some floor time on the Boppy!
I finished Macy’s baby announcements yesterday and got those sent out in the mail. I’ve also started working on some crafty things for the walls in her room. Since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, we didn’t decorate the walls in the baby’s room before she was born. So, now that we know we have a daughter, we can decorate her walls appropriately!! I will upload some photos of her room when I’m finished in a few days.

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Sally said...

YAY for pictures of little Macy!!! Thanks for the updates, she is so beautiful! Glad to hear you are getting to sleep and that the transition with daycare went ok.
...I loved my Boppy too! ;)