Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"When I'm 5..." (by Betsy)

I have had some seriously awesome conversations with Jack recently. His little 3 year old mind is simply amazing! I just love his ideas and opinions (most of the time...). I love that he can think for himself and have a conversation with me. I cherish the wonderful, sweet, and adorable thoughts that come from his mouth. It is such a blast to have him around! I wanted to share a few of those conversations with you all...

First of all, this scrapbook page is titled "When I'm 5" and it is all about how Jack has this cute little habit of starting a lot of sentences as "When I'm 5, I will..." Some of the things he has mentioned that he will do "when he is 5" are: mow the lawn, try new food, go to kindergarten, play soccer, be bigger, reach higher, and be a cashier. He also mentioned that he will take the baby out for me when he is 5. I kindly told him that I don't want to wait that long!

Another cute conversation:

Me: "What is your full name?"
Jack: "Jackson James Beers"
Me: "What is daddy's full name?"
Jack: "Matt Beers"
Me: "What is my full name?"
Jack: "Mommy Beers"

He absorbs everything we tell him lately and it is so cute to watch him reiterate that information at a later date. Recently he has been talking a lot about Jesus, which has been SUPER cool to hear him bring up God with his little friends and even random people we see. Yesterday at lunch he was going on and on about how God created EVERYTHING. He was telling one of the other daycare kids that is his same age that God created his crayons, and his food, and the kitchen table, and his friends, and the trees, etc, etc. It was super sweet to hear him say that.

Everyday I look forward to what he has to tell me! I'm so excited that we get to have another little munchkin running around (VERY SOON!) with his/her own thoughts and opinions.


Kelly said...

very fun. love the scrappy page, love the blog. hope to see you in the hospital!

Stacy said...

Hey Betsy! So glad you have a blog.... and so glad you are posting your FABBO layouts!!! You are such an inspiration... KEEP IT UP! Good luck with Baby #2... Ruby Kate is due Aug 16th... and I am nowhere near ready for her arrival! Best Wishes-
Stacy from SCS