Sunday, July 15, 2007

feeling rather blah, blah (by Betsy)

Only one more week to go till baby #2 arrives! I'm beginning to feel rather icky all the time. I get super tired when I'm in the heat or even just sitting in the warm sun. I've been taking a nap almost every day, which is something new for me. Kinda nice, but I also feel a little more tired after I wake up. Certain things are totally not on my mind anymore....for example, cooking dinner. I don't even THINK about it till it is time to sit down and eat. I haven't made a regular dinner in a few weeks! I think Matt is starting to wonder...

We don't have any big projects going on right now and everything is ready for the baby. Our home is organized and the baby's room is ready. We've tied up any loose ends on certain little things and we are basically just in "sit back and wait" mode! I'm quite anxious to meet this new little kiddo. Plus, it is hot outside and I'm just plain READY for this baby to arrive! Only one more week...

My dad was in town for the past week and we had lots of fun visiting with him! He was at our house a lot and we were able to get out quite a bit with him and go shopping, out to eat, visit with family, and stuff like that. It was nice! Jack had tons of fun with Grandpa here. They played a TON and Jack was sad to see him go.

Yesterday Matt and I were able to have a fun date day while Jack went to my mom's house. We saw the 5th Harry Potter movie and it was awesome! We both loved it and highly recommend it. I'm quickly re-reading the 6th Harry Potter book before the last one is released on July 21st. I just need to refresh my memory! It has been a year and a half since we read the 6th book. I've forgotten a lot of stuff. Matt and I spent a ton of time at Barnes and Noble just browsing and we also went out to lunch. It was a nice last "hurrah" before the baby arrives!

We got a new and much larger inflatable pool yesterday. This one can fit many more people than just a couple of kids! Jack and Matt had fun playing in it this afternoon. The water was way too cold for me!

Jack is seriously into tractors right now. Lucky for us, our neighborhood development is not even close to being finished with new houses. Our street is done, but there are a few other streets in the back that are totally under construction. Tractors are everywhere! So are cement mixer trucks, dump trucks, and huge semi delivery trucks. They leave a few of the tractors in the neighborhood at night and on the weekends, so we walk down there everyday and let him explore. Yesterday I let him climb on them and check them out. It was quite cute. He said he wants to be a farmer when he grows up. When he was sitting in the seat of the bulldozer, I asked him if he was driving the tractor, and he said "No, mom, there isn't a steering wheel in here!" Made me chuckle. This particular photo made me crack up the most because he was sitting in the tractor and turned around in the seat and gave me a half-smile as if to say "Yah, I'm pretty much the coolest 3 year old kid right now." Gotta love it!

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